Why your building needs a cool roof

While the weather is generally temperate, it is not uncommon to have really hot days in Southern California. Very few people plan ahead or aware of any changes that can cause potential damage to their building. The changes in weather from day to day can have big effects on your roof, even when it is only a few degrees.

Why Your Building Needs a Cool Roof?

The majority of commercial buildings in the country have black or dark-colored roofing surfaces and this is not good. As a result of these dangerous surface temperatures, cool roofing was developed and is becoming more popular. Thanks to durability, reflectivity, and better energy efficiency, cool roofing is the best way to save money and extend the life of your roof. Cool roofing absorbs less heat than standard granulated roofing which allows for better regulation of building temperatures. This reduces maintenance and energy costs and ensures your roof will last longer. Cool roofing also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and the overall “urban heat island” effect common in most large cities. The top-rated cool roofing to use is a fluid-applied cool roofing system. It can easily be applied over modified bitumen, metal, and single-ply roofing already in place. This eliminates the need to re-roof which can be destructive and very costly. Once you experience the more comfortable building temperatures and energy savings on your bill, you will realize the change was more than worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a black roof and want to cut down on energy usage and carbon emissions as well as increase the value of your building, reach out to us today to discuss your cool roofing options.

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