Why You Should Hire a GAF Master Roofer

Getting a new roof is a major investment so you need it to be done right. Not only is a roof a financial responsibility, but it is important for the safety and integrity of the building. Poor roofing can result in leaks, damage, and unnecessary costs for you. To get the best roofing you need to hire the best contractor, but there are so many choices that this can be challenging. The roofing industry can be confusing and picking a contractor can be quite a chore, but there is one credential you can look for to assure quality roofing installation.

Why You Should Hire a GAF Master Commercial Roofer

GAF Master Certification is the ultimate in quality when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor for your projects. GAF is the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in America. Their products are ranked number one by building owners as well as third-party associations. Their quality and their philosophy set them apart from the rest because they focus only on helping you make the safest and right choices for your investment.

Their Master Contractor certification program is helping to ensure that roofers receive the best training and experience to offer. By hiring a GAF Certified roofer, you can be assured of quality, integrity, and efficient service. You will get a qualified contractor with experience and exceptional service every time. The GAF certification process is not easy and has proven tough for many contractors. With only 3% of contractors in the US qualifying for this certification, you can be assured of getting the best.

When you hire a contractor with the GAF Master Certification you can be assured of a few things:

  • They are fully licensed according to local and state regulation to work in your area.
  • They have an excellent reputation that has been verified by a community, peers, and customers.
  • They carry appropriate worker safety insurance.
  • They are committed to ongoing professional education, so they can always offer you the best and most current technology and techniques.

Hiring a GAF certified contractor gives you peace of mind and a quality job done right the first time. You also get exclusive access to extended warranties because their work is trusted and guaranteed. They can offer you the latest in materials and technology as well as state of the art roofing that will stand the test of time over that of other contractors and companies. Looking for the GAF certification takes the stress out of looking for a contractor. Every worker you meet with the GAF approval has been screened and thoroughly tested so you can rest assured that you and your roof are in the best possible hands.

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