Wow it’s cold outside! Yes! Even in Southern California the temperatures are dipping into the 40’s at night. With the New Year behind us, there are several important reasons to winterize your flat roof in Southern California.

Why Leaves Can Destroy Your Southern California Flat Roof

Just because we live in the Sunshine State every property owner should realize what happens to your flat roof during winter. It is relatively simple why leaves can destroy your flat roof. As the leaves fall and the wind whips around everything ends up near your parapet walls and roof corners. As moisture gets trap with in the piles of leaves on the flat roof it starts to break down and decompose on your roof surface. While there may not be frost on the ground there is definitely frost on your flat roof. As the sun comes out and warms the surface more decomposing of the roof debris happens. This can create organic grown on your roof’s surface, which will cause premature deterioration to your flat roof surface.

 Roof Cleaning Saves Roof Lives

To sum it up; leaves on a roof’s surface retain moisture and will cause rot! The simple solution to extend the life of your flat roof is roof cleaning, roof cleaning can save your roof’s life! You can Do It Yourself, hire a handy man, if you have a maintenance team, they can easily do it or you can hire a professional roof cleaning company or licensed roofing contractor.

Using a licensed roofing contractor to clean your roof may require an investment but it may have a larger pay out then DIY or hiring a roof cleaning service. Having a licensed roofer can also be more effective than other roof cleaning options. A roofer can identify and repair roof issues why the roof cleaning process is being performed. For more information on roof cleaning or roof inspections, contact us. Our inspections are always free!