Reflective Roof Coating

Your building is likely to be the largest investment you make in your life. You need to make sure you protect your investment which includes regular maintenance and keeping the roof in optimal condition. Poor roofing can lead to serious building damage inside and out, which lowers the value, costs you money and ruins your investment. A well-kept building is also the best way to catch someone’s eye should you need to sell in the future.

Benefits of Reflective Roof Coating

The weather in the Los Angeles area can vary throughout the year, but for the most part, we see sunny days. The sun can be your biggest enemy and can take years off the life of your roof. The best way to protect a roof in warm and sunny climates is by installing reflective roof coatings. Even if you have not yet seen any wear and tear, reflective coating is a great way to preserve the life of your roof and saves on future repairs. These coatings create a seamless white membrane which prevents leaks, keeps your roof cooler, and protects from the elements.

The coating can repair any minor damage that your roof currently has and provide future protection. By reflecting the light away your roof will last longer. Keeping the heat away as well as the light also keeps your building cooler, and this means lower utility bills. There are a number of reasons to look into getting reflective roof coatings.

  • A great alternative: Coatings are a good alternative to full replacement which can be expensive. A few leaks or cracks do not mean you necessarily need to replace your roof. A simple coating can take care of this. Have a professional come and inspect your roof to determine if a coating can help you. It will save you money to have minor repairs done and a coating added versus installing a whole new roof.
  • Extended life: By adding a roof coating, the lifespan of your roof will increase by 5-7 years. Your roof will stay leak free and be protected from the harsh sun and other elements for longer, which gives you time to save up for when replacement will eventually be necessary.
  • Saves money: Roof coating costs half the amount of re-roofing. Because the installation of a roof coating is not as invasive or time consuming as roof replacement, you will not lose any business time. By not having to tear the roof off, there is not as much disruption, and less labor required.
  • Lower utility bills: Most roofing materials are dark in color, and in the sun this absorbs heat, making your building hotter. You spend more on air conditioning than you would like. A reflective roof coating will keep the light and heat away, keeping your building naturally cooler and your bills much lower.
  • Tax credit: Coating of your roof can earn you a federal tax credit, where a full re-roofing may not. You could qualify for a 10% credit on the cost of your roof, not including labor costs.

The Reflective Coating Process

Roof coating takes less time than re-roofing. The time required depends on the building size but it typically can take less than a day. Larger buildings may require a few days for completion. Your roof is cleared of all debris first and then the coating is applied. It has to be left to dry for 24 hours but during the time the building can be used, so there is no loss of business time or if a residential home, you can still come and go as you please.


Reflective coatings are the environmentally friendly and economical choice for today. It is a relatively small investment that will deliver big returns. You save on energy bills and reduce the overall maintenance costs that your roof will need. By extending the life of your roof, you get more overall in terms of the investment you made on the whole building. Contact us today for an inspection and we can get started on coating your roof today.

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