(Adco) Tips For An Energy Efficient Building

It never takes long for winter to settle in and as the temperatures drop, your heating bill rises.  Luckily, there are ways to keep your home warm and toasty during the winter months without having to make your wallet cry.  The tips below are guaranteed to heat up your home in the most energy-efficient way and keep that money in your wallet for the hot cocoa and marshmallows.

Get some insulation

Adding insulation is a great way to lower utility bills.  When you are in your attic if you notice any ceiling joists as you look up, then it might be wise to get some extra insulation.  Fiberglass blowing insulation typically works best because it reaches and fills all the hard to reach spots that attics tend to have.  Those spaces are the major culprits for air leakage so you want to get them filled.  Exposed pipes, crawl spaces, and the garage are additional places you should consider adding insulation too.

There is also a material polyurethane sandwich panel, which is a versatile and highly promising energy-efficient building material. It is composed of galvanized steel or color coated steel and polyurethane.

Prep the outsides

Be sure you check the roof for old shingles and replace any that are worn out.  You want to remove any debris from the roof and gutters because they are likely to cause ice dams once the snow falls.  You also need to shut off all water supplies to the outdoor hoses and faucets to prevent any freezing.

Additional tips to remember

  • Have a professional service your furnace to be sure it is in good working condition.  Ideally, you want to change the furnace filters every 1 to 3 months.
  • Bring a humidifier into the house to create extra moisture.  This helps to make the air feel warmer and helps lower your chances of getting a cold.
  • Warm air rises and gets trapped by the ceiling, so you can get that warm air to come down by reversing the actions of ceiling fans.
  • The most simple thing you can do is to keep drapes and curtains as this will prevent drafts and any warm air from escaping.

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