Adco Roofing Inc.) The Top 5 Things Contractors Wish Their Customers Knew About Roofing

As a building owner, it is important to work with a roofing contractor to ensure the roofing system is well maintained. Hiring the right contractor can be a daunting task though as can purchasing a new roof system. The process of installation or maintenance requires everything from technical jargon to evaluating numerous contracts and proposals. In the same way, contractors find it challenging to work with clients that have little knowledge about roofing.

The Top 5 Things Contractors Wish Their Customers Knew About Roofing

To make the process easier for contractors and their potential clients, there a five important things that every building owner should know.

Tip #1

There is a difference between price and value and you need to understand that there will always be a contractor who will do a job for less. Cheaper pricing is not indicative of better quality. In fact, it is usually the opposite. Roofing systems are not like commodities where bargain hunting can pay off. You want to collect multiple bids and then base your decision on more than price. Carefully consider the knowledge and experience of the contractor and verify their references. When you only choose based on price, you run the risk of getting a bad product and inferior service.

Tip #2

Understand the importance of routine maintenance. When you are proactive about your roof care, your roof’s life can be extended and you make the most of your investment and resources. Roofing contractors report that they often end up replacing roofs that could have had longer lives with regularly scheduled maintenance. A little maintenance can go a long way and save you from needing a new roof or leak repairs, so find a contractor that will work with you on getting the required maintenance for your roofing system done.

Tip #3

Find a roofing contractor who is established and reputable within your local area. You want to ensure your contractor has proper licensing, carries the appropriate and valid insurance, and can perform all essential roofing installation and maintenance work. A contractor who only uses subcontractors may not have appropriate insurance or licensing and this could be a risk for you so make sure you always ask for the paperwork before hiring anybody.

Tip #4

Building owners also need to understand when their roof is beyond repair. There are many roofs that cannot be saved no matter what and putting any more money into it will be a waste. The situation can be frustrating when you make a lot of repairs and the problems still remain. Be sure to work with an experienced contractor to predict when your roof will need a replacement as this will help you budget accordingly and avoid money traps.

Tip #5

Never underestimate the value of contractors who have an active membership to the National Roofing Contractors Association. NRCA members know about industry code changes and technical issues and are fully informed regarding the best practices to ensure you are a satisfied customer. NRCA provides the resources that all contractors need to make good roofing and business decisions which mean better service for you.

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