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Impact of COVID-19 on the Roofing Industry

Coronavirus is a global pandemic. It’s affecting our health, and the economy. It’s also affecting the roofing industry, so contractors must be ready.

Prevention is the key. As the virus spreads, employers need to take preventative measures. The number of cases is rising and you need to be prepared. Employers must

What Customers Expect from their Roofers

The success of a roofer depends on the satisfaction of their customers.
To satisfy customers, a roofer needs to know exactly what their clients
want and need. This involves getting detailed accounts from the
customers as well as having a broader sense of the industry trends.
Knowing what to offer

Avoid these Roofing Project Bidding Mistakes

Roofing replacement and large maintenance projects can be costly, but they are important. Boards need to avoid as many complications as possible because of this. There are common mistakes that boards make and knowing what these are can help you to take care of these projects more efficiently.

Soliciting Bids Without

The History of Roofing

As long as mankind has needed shelter, roofing has been around. Sleeping outside in the elements is not something anybody wants, so coverage has long been a necessity. Caves initially provided shelter for the first humans but because of the dark and damp environment they created, alternatives were sought. Plus,

5 Things You Need to Know When Replacing Your Roof

Replacing a roof is a big decision and requires thought and preparation. There are a number of options for you so you need to research all possibilities to get the best service on your budget. Your roof is susceptible to everyday wear and tear and with changing weather conditions through

Fire Resistant Roofing Materials


With the threat of wildfires being more real these days, it is important to make your building fire-resistant. One of the most important aspects to fire-proofing your home or building is the roof. Dry climates are the perfect breeding grounds for fires, and you can never predict when a wet