Similar to the effects of the Sun on your skin, it is important to note that commercial roofing systems are also very sensitive to the Sun. Particularly, in certain areas of the United States like the Western parts. The geographical locations are heavily impacted by the amount of Sun they get. For instance, if you reside in the Los Angeles area, the amount of Sun that you will get is about 44% of the time throughout the year. Unfortunately, even though some people may enjoy this warm weather, this amount can wreak havoc on roofing systems, especially because the Sun is composed of both UV radiation and infrared radiation.

Sunlight Damage on Roof

Negative Domino Effects of Sunlight on Your Roofing

There are a number of different negative domino effects that you will most likely see on your roof today. Some of the more commonly known include bumps, cracks as well as other kinds of damages. In fact, as the beams of the Sun break down the roofing material, it causes the chemicals in the seam sealants to split and open prematurely over time. In addition to the seams of the roofing opening up, the damages from the Sun can also adversely affect the fasteners on the roof because of the pulls, tears and the twist that negatively compromises the fasteners. Further damages may be caused by the integrity of the roof, even after the Sun has set in the afternoon. This is because dark coloring on your roofing system will inherently hold onto the heat and will not allow it to cool down. Thereby, causing the heat that remains to continue to compromise the integrity of your roof.

Hidden Damages Exposed When Ultraviolet Radiation Compromises the Roofing

Even more insidious, you will also discover that the ultraviolet radiation, another part of the sunlight, is not easily detected but imposes a lot of extra damage to the roofing’s overall structure. Therefore, it does not matter what kinds of materials used in your roofing system, the degradation continues in pretty much any type that is installed (i.e. single-ply-membrane, bitumen and others). Also, because this is hidden damage that is being done behind the scene in a more subtle fashion, no one will notice that these problems have been occurring until the rain clouds move in as the Sun goes away. Hence, when you inspect the roofing system on your building, the after effects usually show split seams, cracking, and blistering that will ultimately allow water flows to work their way down inside the building causing all kinds of interior damage.


Dealing with the damages that occur to your roofing system can be a huge issue for you when you are impacted by its effects. Due to the severe damages that the Sun can cause on the roofing materials and the seams in the design, the damages can completely destroy the tops of your building. To avoid these issues and damages, it is important to note that many property owners are turning to a newer innovative solution that is called cool roof systems.


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