Why should you stop purchasing roof warranties

When it comes to roof warranty, its length does not actually indicate its value or coverage. If you really want to have the best protection for your roof, you just need two things; the right contractor and to really taking care of your roof. Understand that a manufacturer’s warranty is always written by attorneys, with the goal of actually protecting the interest of the manufacturers and to actually reduce costs during the coverage period. You should not, however, view the warranties as useless. They are quite important and will come in handy. Make sure you have a representative survey your roof and verify whether the manufacturer of roofing materials can issue a warranty you want for the job before you actually sign a contract to replace, construct, or restore your roof.

A roof warranty is not your best protection

When it comes to comes to your roof, your actual best protection is hiring a roofing contractor with the following qualities; licensed, insured, bonded, reputable, and experienced. This will ensure you get the best roof from a contractor who is approved to install and issue a warranty for any roof work done. You should also protect your roof by investing in proper roof cleaning and maintenance at least every year. This will really minimize roof damages and leaks, really maximizing your roof’s useful life.

Manufacturer warranty duration is not directly related to its value

Because a manufacturer is providing more years of coverage does not mean that they are producing the right service. Do not consider the length of the warranty as an indication of actual value in deciding which solution or contractor to use. A good example is you could decide to go for a three-coat restoration system for protecting your roof instead of the four ply asphalt roof replacement due to the length of warranty when in real essence the latter is the best option but with a slightly lower duration of the warranty. It may have a shorter duration but has surprising double or more useful life compared to the three coat restoration coating system which has a longer warranty duration.

What exactly a manufacturer warranty covers

If the manufacturer and installing contractor are paid in full, then the materials used for roofing deteriorate before the duration of warranty, then the manufacturer is responsible to fix immediate roof leakages. The damage should not be due to neglect, alteration, poor maintenance and alterations, you should also have hired an approved contractor for proper roof maintenance yearly.

Remember a warranty and insurance policy is not the same thing

When it comes to roof warranties there are usually no guarantees. You are never assured that if problems do occur you are fully covered, or damages will be fixed at no expense for you. You can also not recover any damages to you building structures, time or loss of profits. The other critical thing you should consider if you decide to take legal action is the fact that manufacturers are governed by county law and restrictions. You will be forced to work through the local courts.

The warranty claim process

If you need to claim, you have to submit it in writing and within thirty days once the leaking occurs. The manufacturer is given ninety days to actually inspect your claim. Should the problem not be covered by the warranty or you cancel your claim, then any fees you paid for processing or inspection is not refundable.

Workmanship warranty

Is usually issued by your installing contractor and covers a duration of between two to five years. If you install, recover or replace your roof system and have any issues they will fix it for free. We actually provide workmanship warranty and will even assist you with a claim to have the material manufacturer fix the roof. In case the cause is not covered by the manufacturer warranty we will scope the work and price it for you correctly. Do not trust any workmanship warranty that lasts more than five years, it is always not real and probably just workmanship incompetence.

Importance of roof cleaning and maintenance

You should perform regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent leaks, ensure proper drainage, and extend your roof’s life. It is advisable to perform it yearly, it is not a guarantee you will not have any problems like leaks but covers you from natural roof leaks. Always consider hiring a credible and experienced roof maintenance contractor for excellent services.

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