It is becoming more important for property owners and buyers to ensure their roofing is in top condition. It is pretty easy to detect a damaged roof but identifying a roof with only subtle aging is much harder. Given that replacement roofing can be very expensive, it makes sense to identify problems before they get out of hand. When it comes to buying a building, you can use the resurfacing of the roof as a negotiating item when it comes to pricing.

The most common types of roofing systems are tar or gravel and they are used in numerous commercial buildings. Gravel is a concern because it requires regular maintenance as the gravel needs to be re-distributed often to maintain even coverage. Any uncovered or exposed surfaces can be easily damaged by the sun and other elements. Additionally, ponding, which results from framing issues at the time of construction, can be a huge problem. Blocked roof drains can also allow ponding of water so be sure to keep your drains free of debris and objects.

Staying On Top Of Roof Inspections

Any building inspection should involve of a detailed roof evaluation and this is usually done by an inspector walking the roof to observe the surface closely. There are, however, a few circumstances where it is not safe for an inspector to walk on the roof for inspection:

  • Steep surface not safe for footing
  • The surface is too high to access with regular ladder
  • Roofing is showing signs of deterioration
  • Presence of ice, snow, moss or moisture that make the roof slippery
  • Roof with tiles that might break with foot pressure

The sellers of the building can also order the inspector to stay off the roof. The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) wants to ensure that property owners and potential buyers are aware of the importance of good roofing. To stay on top of the matter is in everybody’s best interest.

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