Should my gutters be replaced when my roof is replaced

Most homeowners know that roof replacement can be a pricey proposition, and they also are aware that adding gutters to the mix will make the whole process even more expensive. If the roof is in bad shape, it stands to reason that the gutters may have to be replaced along with the roof covering, but there are ways to determine if gutters really need to be replaced.

Ineffective Gutter System

When gutters are defective, damaged or non-functioning, water that drains from a roof will leak into the ground and migrate towards the outer part of the foundation of a house and even under it. This action can cause leakage into a basement and eventually result in damage to the structural aspects of a home.

Assessing Gutter Dependability

If roof replacement becomes necessary, it is a good idea to survey the gutter situation before arranging for their replacement. It is as simple as walking around the perimeter of a house and inspecting the gutters. If gutters are cracking, sagging, leaking, separating, creating water flow or are displaying major dents or creating water damage, it just may be time to replace them.

Moisture Damage

Water damage caused by faulty gutters is usually visible beneath the eaves of a house, and signs of peeling paint and rust deposits can also indicate water damage. Standing water, water overflow or puddles at a gutter’s exit point as well as water around the foundation of a house can also be strong indicators of faulty gutters.

Related Damage

Other related damage from natural disasters, strong winds, hail, lightening strikes, falling tree debris and any other type of projectile could also damage gutters and make them unusable.


If you don’t want to inspect gutters yourself, then find a reliable and trustworthy roofing expert to examine them. Walk around with him or her and take a look at what they point out to you and if there is gutter damage, ask them if they can be repaired without a lot of expense, and whether repair work will help the gutters last for a number of years. In addition, if your gutters are continually clogged, ask the roofing contractor about the cost of installing shields for gutters.

Benefits of Replacement

There are advantages to replacing gutters at the same time as replacing a roof as budgeting for two different installations can be more easily handled through homeowner loans, financing with a roofing company or through personal savings or other means. Completing both roof and gutter replacement at the same time can save on the costs of labor as well.

Is Gutter Replacement Always A Must?

Gutter replacement isn’t a necessity with every new roof, but if the decision is made to install gutters at the same time as the roof, a higher level gutter system should be used along with superior roofing materials. Also, you don’t want a gutter system installed that is of lesser quality than the one that is being replaced, particularly if your current gutter system is in good shape. Don’t allow a roofing contractor to talk you into something you don’t need but do take advice from honest and reputable roofing experts when gutters truly are in disrepair and need major upkeep or replacement.

When it comes to making a decision about replacing gutters at the same time as replacing a roof, making a final choice usually hinges on a number of factors that can include affordability and financing as well as actual gutter failure and deterioration, or the desire to simply complete a two-pronged project at the same time to save on overall costs. Whatever factors are involved in your case, if you need help in determining whether to replace your gutters, contact us and we will get back to you with the information you need to make a decision about both your gutters and roof.

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