The weather can be unpredictable at times and severe weather changes, be it extreme heat or winter storms, can damage your commercial roofing. To avoid expensive repairs or replacement, you should stay proactive about caring for your roof which means regular maintenance and inspections. There are several tips to help you get the maximum investment from your roof for every season. You should plan to have your roof inspected every six months to identify weak spots or problems.

Seasonal Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Typically you want to check the gutters and pipes as well as check for any loose materials or exposed roof membrane. The earlier you can catch any problems, the easier they are to fix and you spare yourself any unnecessary and expensive repairs down the road. Depending on the season you are in and the typical climate of your area, there are some key things you can do to keep your commercial roofing in optimal condition.

Seasonal Maintenance

During the spring is a good time to check for any damage the winter months may have caused. Check for any obvious signs of leaking or water damage both externally and on the interior of your building. Check for signs of moss and algae and assess the condition of the roof materials, to ensure nothing has been dislodged or punctured. During the fall is a good time to get any maintenance tasks completed, before the cold weather sets in. Clean out all debris from gutters and away from vents and pipes. Trim back any overgrown trees that can break and damage the roof or scratch the surface. Ensure your insulation is in top condition too.

During the winter you really do not need to do much unless an emergency occurs. Keep an eye on the rain and prevent leaks. Once summer arrives, you will not have to do much either, so long as you kept up with the maintenance throughout the year. Check for debris regularly and remove any buildup and be sure to keep trees trimmed back away from the roof surface.

Fluctuations in temperatures can wreak havoc on your roof and we understand that the roof not only protects the building and its inhabitants but also contributes to the value of the property. To ensure your roof stays weatherproof all year round, take care of it and reach out to us for any inspections or concerns. Small leaks and cracks may be hard to see to the untrained eye, so we will help you identify any trouble areas and get you the resources you need to repair your roof.

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