The condition of your roof matters whether you are selling your commercial building or not. When it comes to selling, however, the roof holds substantial value and any weakness can cost you money. A quick inspection by a professional contractor is the perfect solution. Damage can occur to roofing systems all year round, so regular inspections should be part of your normal maintenance anyway. Even if the roof looks good to you, a professional eye can detect structural weakness or potential problems that could mean lower selling prices for you.

It is important to get your roofing inspected before putting your building up for sale. There are a few key things to remember when looking to get a professional inspection.

What to expect

A professional contractor will check the interior first to identify any structural problems. They will provide you with an accurate and detailed assessment of what is needed to ensure long-term safety and durability. They also evaluate your ventilation, insulation, and moisture as it relates to your roofing. The exterior will then be inspected and checked for shingle damage, leaks and any weather damage. Inspectors also check the flashing to identify any deeper problems in the structure of the valleys, rakes, and eaves. The chimney will also be checked, should you have one to make sure there are no potential issues.

The whole package

An inspection involves an assessment of the structural integrity as well as gutters and they will also look for any rotting areas. Substantial damage can lower the value to the building if it is not deemed fit for long-term sustainability. Nobody wants to buy a commercial building with poor roofing. You want to provide your inspector with as much information as possible. Always choose a bonded and licensed professional for the job because the sale depends on the quality of their assessment.

If a damage is identified, you want to take care of this before listing your building. Hire an inspector to catch repairs before it is too late. Give the roof the attention it deserves and contact us for an inspection today. Our evaluation will help to add value to your building.

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