Project Description

PVC Roof Installation

Product: SikaPlan Feltback PVC

Tore off existing roofing at parapets (as necessary). Replaced rotten or damaged plywood.

Removed debris from roof and hauled away.

Installed 60mil SikaPlan Feltbacked PVC membrane and mechanically fastened through cover board at 12” O.C. at seams. Two half-courses were installed around perimeter per manufacturer’s recommendations for wind uplift. Membrane was heat welded at seams.

At parapet walls, membrane was fully adhered to vertical surface. Wall membrane was terminated at outer edge of parapet wall with custom fabricated clad metal edging.

Installed new prefabricated flashings at all corners and through roof penetrations.


Adco Roofing provides a manufacturer’s Twenty (20) year No Dollar Limit material warranty and a Two (2) year warranty on workmanship on the new roofing system only.