Project Description

New PVC Roofing System and Helipad Coating

Main Roof:

Removed existing roofing and insulation system and lowered from roof via hydraulic lift and hauled away.

After concrete substrate was prepped, primed the entire roof with Sika Sarnafil TA low-VOC primer.

Installed torch-applied Sika Sarnafil Vapor Retarder TA 138 to the entire concrete substrate.

Over vapor barrier, installed tapered insulation system with a minimum thickness of 1 ½”. Insulation was adhered in place.

Over tapered insulation system, installed ½” Dens Deck primed to entire roof and fully adhered in place.

Installed 80mil Sarnafil G410 FB PVC membrane and adhered directly to Dens Deck primed. Membrane was be heat-welded at seams.

Installed new prefabricated flashings at all scuppers, corners and through-roof penetrations.

At parapet walls, new G459 membrane was fully adhered to vertical surface. Membrane was terminated with termination bar at height of existing counter-flashing.


Removed existing waterproofing system and hauled away. Bead blast substrate to provide clean working surface for new system.

Over prepped substrate, installed NeoGard primer to entire concrete subtrate.

Install NeoGard base coat.

Installed NeoGard wear coat and immediately broadcasted aggregate per manufacturer’s specifications.

Over aggregate, installed NeoGard seal coat.

Installed top coat to match existing helipad design.