Project Description

The $200-million mixed-use development at Sixth & Bixel has been completed. Our job was to install the Rooftop Paver System.

Here is what we did:

Provided a 24”x24” (Bison) “StepStone” pedestal paver system at the occupied roof deck.

Provided neoprene isolation pads between pavers and pedestals to reduce acoustical transmission.

Provided fascia (paver) containment system along those paver edges not adjacent to framed items.

Installed the paver system tight to the parapet walls or perimeter fascia with a maximum of ¼” gap, and with a maximum of ¼” gap between pavers.

Coordinated and accommodated window washing tie-off points.

Provided all shims, wedges, and pedestal accessories required to ensure the paver system is stable at all locations.