Project Description

Replacing sloped roofs with Owens Corning Asphalt Shingles (Phase 1.)

Sloped Roof Areas:


1. Tore off the existing roofing down to the wood substrate.

2. Thoroughly inspected wood members for deficiencies. Where deficiencies were found replaced wood as necessary.

3. We recommended the Board to hire a termite exterminator to work with us to spray the wood once the roof is torn off.

4. Installed nominal galvanized drip edge metal to all eaves and nailed 8 inches on center.

Roofing Execution:

  1. Starting at the low point of the roof installed a single layer of Owens Corning Deck Defense Underlayment using mechanical fasteners.

a. Base sheet to overlap 2 inches on side laps 4 inches on end laps.

2. Installed new nominal drip edge metal flashing to roof rake using mechanical fasteners.

a. Nailed edge metal 8 inches on centers.

3. Installed all new galvanized pipe / vent flashings per manufacturer specifications.

4. Installed step flashings at roof to wall transitions. Install faced attached counter flashing as necessary.

5. Painted all flashings / projections to match roofing as closely as possible to roofing.

6. Starting at the low point of the roof installed a fiberglass starter course.

7. Starting at the low point of the roof so as to provide double coverage at eaves; installed  Owens Corning Duration Tru Def Title 24 Asphalt Composition Shingles with “SureNail” technology.

a. Composition shingles are installed per manufacturer specifications.

8. Mechanically attached high profile hip and ridge.

9. Removed and hauled away debris.


Provided Owner with a manufacturers 20 year NDL warranty.

Wood Trim

1.Removed and replaced all roof related wood trim (wood that comes in contact with the roof) with AzekProducts (Cellular PVC Trim).

2.Inspected existing roofing for substrate deterioration (soft spots). Replaced substrate and made level at soft spots.

3.Thoroughly inspected roof surface for cracks/splits and repaired using either emulsion or mastic, and polyester fabric (three course method).