Project Description

Roof replacement on a large apartment complex with multiple individual buildings.

Removed existing tiles and felt paper down to plywood sheathing.

Inspected plywood, and removed and replaced rotten/damaged plywood.

Furnished and installed new double layer of #30 felt over roof deck securing with cap nails.

Furnished and installed new perimeter edge metal and bird stop metal black.

Furnished and installed new roof tiles Monier Barcelona. Barcelona #1BCCS Santa Catarina.

Furnished and installed new double flashings for all roof penetrations.

Furnished and installed hi and ridge pieces needed to complete.

Furnished and installed cement as needed to complete.

Primed and painted new flashings to match roof color.

Removed and hauled away all debris generated by roof work.

Roof Warranty: : 7 (seven) Year ADCO Roofing Workmanship & 50 (fifty) Year Manufacturer’s Material Warranty Over New Roof System.