Project Description

264 FT Complete Cascade Roof screen system with one Access gate, maximum 7’ tall from Building.

  1. Installed Base Supports over the existing roofing.
  2. Vertically-oriented 7.2 Rib panels, 24 ga, Kynar finish, standard color, and trims.
  3. All panels provided are square cut to the dimensions indicated and do not increase or decrease in height to follow roof slope.

Tie in 100 Screen posts to roofing membrane

  1. Flashing and seal it with 230 Elastercryl, Polyester Soft 40″ and reinforced Polyester 6″, double coated with 252 X-Celerator Dry Ultra Acrylic.

Steel Brackets

  1. Drill 136 holes 1/2″ holes for 3/8″ Hilti Anchors
  2. Clean out Holes prior mounting brackets
  3. Bolt down Brackets