Project Description

Below Grade Waterproofing with TREMCO Systems

Extended demolition of concrete on north side of house to include back and half of chimney side.

Excavated soil down to footing at the front and to the north side of the house.

Removed existing polystyrene protection board and sheet waterproofing from repair area.

Cleaned and prepares below grade wall for proper adhesion profile.

Detailed bottom footing and installed urethane caulking striking in a cant bead.

Furnished and installed integral primer to below grade wall.

Furnished and installed 1 coat of Tremco 250 GC to below grade wall at a rate of 18 sq ft per gallon.

Furnished and installed Tremco drain board to below grade wall.

Furnished and installed termination bar using appropriate fasteners.

Furnished and install urethane sealant to top termination.

Furnished and installed new saddle metal behind chimney, extended past corner.

Furnished and installed counter flashing to back side of chimney and seal with urethane caulking.

Backfilled repair area with compaction.