Project Description

Roofing of multiple buildings: B, D, L, N, U, Z, North Clubhouse, South Clubhouse

Product: Sarnafast S327

Product Manufacturer: Sarnafil

Roof Preparation:          

  1. Vacuumed all loose gravel from the roof surface.
  2. Inspected and replaced any areas with bad decking.
  3. Mechanically attached one (1) layer of 1/4” DensDeck.

Roofing Execution:

  1. Mechanically attached a 60 mil thick Sarnafast S327 PVC membrane. Hot air welded membrane to create complete monolithic roof seal.
  2. At equipment platforms installed membrane up under existing platform cover and terminated with a skirt flashing.
  3. Walls were covered to the outside edge of the parapet walls or up to the existing counterflashing.
  4. All details (including edge / wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe / vent penetrations) were done in accordance with manufacturer specification.
  5. Installed roofing and 24 gauge galvanized platform caps beneath HVAC units.
  6. Installed walkway protection around equipment platforms.
  7. Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.

Warranty: 20 year Manufacturer’s NDL Warranty; five (5) year workmanship warranty.

Benefits of the S327 membrane:

– Vapor permeable
– High breaking and tearing strength
– Highly flexible
– High mechanical strength
– Weather and UV resistant
– Energy efficient, highly reflective