Project Description

Installing a New PVC Roofing System

Area: 25,200 sq.ft.

Product: Sikaplan

Mechanically attached a 60 mil white reinforced Felt Back Sikaplan Title 24 approved PVC single ply roofing membrane.

End and side laps has been hot air welded per manufacturer specifications.

Fastening pattern has been done per manufacturer specification.

Membrane has been hot air welded to create complete monolithic roof seal.

All details (including edge / wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe / vent penetrations) has been done in accordance with manufacturer specifications using prefabricated & field fabricated pipe boots, corners and joints.

All pipe boots to be clamped and sealed per manufacturer requirements using stainless steel pipe clamps and urethane sealant.

All edge metal and termination details are Sarnafil factory manufactured or fabricated using Sarnafil PVC cladded sheet metal.