Project Description

Single Ply PVC Roof Installation over Existing Roof; Shingle Replacements; Skylights Replacement

Product: Sarnafil on flat roof; Certainteed on sloped roofs

Single Ply Roofing                                                                                                                            

Roof Preparation: 

  1. Inspected the existing roof to ensure that it is ready and acceptable to receive roofing materials.
  2. Over the substrate, mechanically attachws one (1) layer of ¼” Densdeck Prime Roof Board.
    1. Used only fasteners and plates approved by manufacturer.
    2. Fastening pattern is as recommended by the manufacturer.

Roofing Execution:

  1. Over the existing, prepared, installed a fully adhered 60 Mil Sarnafil G-410 membrane
    1. End and side laps are per manufacturer specification.
    2. Only approved membrane adhesive was used.
    3. Membrane is hot air welded to create a complete monolithic roof seal.
  2. Terminated base flashings under the existing counterflashing with a termination bar.
  3. Fabricated and installed edge metal at edges of roof as needed.
    1. Edge metal flashings are fabricated from PVC Clad Metal.
  4. All details (including edge / wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe / vent penetrations) are done in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
  5. Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.
  6. Provided owner with a 20 Year Manufacturer No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty per specification.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing                                                                                                                   

Preparation and Tear Off

  1. Removed existing asphalt and/or wood shingles down to the wood substrate and hauled away.
  2. Thoroughly inspected wood substrate and other wood members such as fascia for deficiencies. Where deficiencies were found replaced wood as necessary.
  3. Removed and hauled away all metal flashings as deemed necessary.
  4. Installed nominal galvanized drip edge metal to all eaves and fastened 8 inches on center.

Roofing Execution

  1. Starting at the low point of the roof installed a single layer of CertainTeed “Winterguard” underlayment.
    1. Base sheet to overlap 2 inches on side laps 4 inches on end laps.
  2. Installed new nominal drip edge metal flashing to roof rake using mechanical fasteners.
    1. Fastened edge metal 8 inches on centers.
  3. Installed all new galvanized pipes / vent flashings per manufacturer specifications.
  4. Installed step flashings at roof to wall transitions. Installed face attached counter flashing as deemed necessary.
  5. Painted all flashings / projections to match roofing as closely as possible.
  6. Starting at the low point of the roof installed a fiberglass starter course to provide double coverage at eaves.
  7. Starting at the low point of the roof installed CertainTeed Landmark Shingles.
    1. Composition shingles are installed per manufacturer specifications.
    2. Color is Mojave Tan.
  8. Mechanically attached standard hip and ridge.
  9. Removed and hauled away all debris caused by roofing.


Skylight Replacement

  1. Removed ten (10) skylights with a dimension of 24” x 24” and replaced with new.
  2. Removed eight (8) skylights with a dimension of 27” x 51” and replaced with new.
  1. Cleaned up all debris caused by work and hauled away.