Project Description

1. Sloped Roof Replacement

Tore off existing Two (2) layers of roofing to wood substrate and hauled away.

Thoroughly inspected wood membranes for deficiencies. Replaced wood where deficiencies were found.

Removed and hauled away all metal flashings.

Installed nominal galvanized drip edge metal to all eaves and nailed 8 inches on center.

Starting at the low point of the roof installed a single layer of #30-lb felt base sheet using mechanical fasteners.

Installed all new galvanized pipe / vent flashings per manufacturer specifications.

Installed step flashings at roof to wall transitions. Installed face attached counter flashing as necessary.

Painted all flashings / projections to match roofing as closely as possible to roofing.

Starting at the low point of the roof installed a fiberglass starter course.

Starting at the low point of the roof so as to provide double coverage at eaves; installed 35 Year Asphalt Composition Shingles.

Mechanically attached standard hip and ridge.

2. Flat Roof Replacement

Tore off  two (2) layers of existing roofing to plywood deck and hauled away.

Thoroughly inspected and repaired / replaced any damaged / deteriorated wood membranes.

Mechanically attached 1/4″ Dens Deck over entire roof.

Mechanically attached .060 mil white reinforced Sarnafil Sikaplan Title 24 approved PVC single ply roofing membrane.

End and side laps were hot air welded per manufacturer specifications.

Membrane was hot air welded to create complete monolithic roof seal.

All pipe boots were clamped and sealed per Sarnafil requirements using stainless steel pipe clamps and urethane sealant.

Roof was fully inspected and probed for seam integrity upon completion.

Provided Owner with a Fifteen (15) Year Manufacturers No-Dollar-Limit Labor, Material & Workmanship Warranty On New Roofing System.