Project Description

Sikaplan PVC Roof Installation Over Existing Roof

Removed loose gravel from roof and prepared roof for Single Ply PVC installation.

Replaced damaged plywood as needed (“soft wood”).

Reinforced roof railing bases and posts.

Installed roofing membrane to 8” up stucco walls and installed new metal as required.

Mechanically attached fanfold insulation over existing roof.

Mechanically attached Sikaplan 60 mil. white PVC membrane.

Membrane is hot-air welded to create complete monolithic roof seal per manufacturer specification.

Installed all Sikaplan PVC accessories as needed.

Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.

Note: A/C Units were lifted for roof installation by ADCO Roofing, then reinstalled after roof was completed.  Metal caps were reused.