Project Description

Modified Bitumen Roof System Installation (approx. 17,000 sq.ft.)

Manufacturer: Polyglass
Product: Polyfresko G


  1. Inspected existing roof for evidence of deteriorated roof membranes. Upgraded all wood as necessary.
  2. Removed pipe and vent flashings, scuppers, edge metal, coping metal, drain assemblies, A/C metal caps and hauled away.
  3. Set up crane or boom lift in order to load materials.


1. Installed fiberglass base sheet using mechanical fasteners.

a. Base ply started at low point of the roof and mechanically attached with 2 inches side laps and 4 inches end laps.

b. Side laps nailed 9 inches at center.

c. Nailing pattern in two rows staggered at the center of each sheet 12 inches from side laps and 18 inches on center.

2. Furnished and installed all new FHA galvanized pipe, vent and edge metal flashing.

a. Applied asphalt primer to both sides of flashing flanges and allowed to dry.

b. Torch applied smooth surface modified bitumen target sheet so that flashing flanges are sandwiched between two layers.

c. Nail primed flashing to target sheet.

3. Installed base flashings per manufacturer specifications.

4. Torch applied a granulated, Title 24 compliant, modified bitumen roof membrane.

a. Starting at the point of the roof applied one layer of modified bitumen granular membrane using torch applied method of application.

b. Side laps overlap 4 inches and end laps 6 inches following manufactures installation instructions.

c. Each ply of roofing was staggered and offset from the previous ply.


  1. Fabricated custom detail around base A/C duct supports in order to terminate new roof system.
  2. Roofed in A/C platforms and installed all new metal caps.
  3. Furnished and installed new coping metal.
  4. Sealed HVAC duct work using elastomeric roof cement and polyester fabric.
  5. Furnished and installed two additional drain assemblies.
  6. Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.
  7. Provided a 12-year “No Dollar Limit” guarantee on labor, material and workmanship.