Project Description

Repairs and roof replacement over the QA Micro-Lab and the Powerhouse Compressor Room

Vacuum swept entire roof section to removed all loose gravel from existing BUR gravel roof.

Inspected existing roof area for soft spots.

Furnished and installed 1/2″ securerock over roof surface using approved fasteners.

Furnished and installed Sarnavap-10 vaper barrier over roof deck.

Mechanically attached 60mil Sikaplan white reinforced RhinoBond PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) membrane.

  1. Field membrane installed using RhinoBond induction welding machine with laps using automated machine and details using hand held welder to create complete monolithic roof seal.

All details (including edge / wall terminations, curb flashings, and pipe / vent penetrations) done in accordance with manufacturer’s specification.

Walkway pad installed at service side of HVAC euqipment and at top and bottom of access ladders.

Removed all debris caused by roofing and hauled away.

All seams probed to ensure water tight integrity.

Provided owner with 20 year manufacturer’s system warranty.