Van Nuys is a neighborhood of approximately 100,000 residents in the San Fernando Valley and part of the city of Los Angeles. Van Nuys enjoys the superb weather that southern California is known for, with many fantastic sunny days and dry weather.

There are many different housing styles in this neighborhood, with a combination of HOA’s, multi family homes and apartment buildings. They also have a variety of roof styles and materials. The common theme for all of these roof materials is that they must withstand the hot California sun as well as heavy down pours of rain and high wind from time to time.

With such a variety of roof styles and materials it can be difficult to find the best roofing contractors to repair roofs and replace roofs as needed. They need to be familiar with these materials, have the skill set to deal with various roof styles and also have a good reputation. How do you find the best roofing contractor for these buildings?

How To Find The Best Roofing Contractor In Van Nuys?

The first step is to assemble groups of homes with similar style roofing materials and styles. You need to decide how many homes should be put in a group. Too small and the project may not attract the better companies. ADCO Roofing has an extensive experience serving multi-family buildings in Van Nuys.

Develop RFQ’s

For each group or project, develop an RFQ which states all of your requirements. Be as specific as you can and indicate those areas that are must haves vs. those items that are nice to have. Request potential bidders to reply by a specific date with a sealed bid.

Rank Responses

While preparing the RFQ, decide how you are going to rank the response to each area of the RFQ. Use a numeric system to help you rank each response. After you have finished evaluating each of the responses using the ranking system you should know which roofing contractors are at the top of the list. Don’t be surprised if some roofing contractors are ranked high for one type of roof and low for another.

Evaluate and Decide

Step back from all of the analysis and evaluate each of the suppliers in a more subjective manner. Look at customer reviews, check references and interview the contractors. The combination of the numeric evaluation and the subjective evaluation should lead you to preferred roofing contractors that you want to negotiate with.



For large projects this can be a time consuming process. Never the less it is important to find the best roofing contractor such as ADCO Roofing with the best services, construction and clean up. Nail down timelines and commitments. Add penalty clauses if needed as a motivation to complete each project with in a specified time period.