Is the roof of your home aging and possibly in need of replacement? Perhaps a storm blew through recently and you’re missing some shingles. ADCO Roofing will provide solutions to these needs and many others, whether you need a building re-roofed, or a new roof installed.

What Does a Roofer Do?

ADCO Roofing can provide you with a wide range of services depending on their specialty. Many roofers focus on repairs and re-roofing projects for existing homes.  ADCO Roofing can remove an aging asphalt shingle roof and replace it with a new one, with a metal roof, or even one of slate or tile. Other roofers specialize in roofing for new construction projects, or in commercial roofs.

Comparing Customer Reviews of a Roofer

When comparing roofers in Sherman Oaks, compare customer reviews to ensure that you’re making an informed decision. Was the roofer affordable? Did the project come out on budget? Did the project take more time than anticipated? Was the owner happy with the overall job, and would he or she hire the roofer again?

Questions You Should Ask before Hiring a Roofer

Are you licensed as a roofer in my area?

Like many other professionals, roofers must be licensed in order to legally work in a particular area. If the roofer is not licensed, avoid them. If they cannot provide a license, find another provider.

Do you have experience with my roofing material?

While asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, they are not the only option. Find out how much experience the roofer has with your preferred material, whether that’s tin, copper, slate, wood, or something completely different.

Are you insured?

It’s very important that you ensure the roofer you choose is insured. If an accident were to happen with the roofer or his/her crew while on the job, and they were not insured, your homeowner’s insurance would kick in, raising your rates. Make sure they have insurance before hiring them.

Do you specialize in my type of project?

Some roofers specialize in commercial projects. Others focus on residential jobs. Some focus on new roof installation, while others focus on roof remodels and replacements. Make sure that the roofer you choose has experience with your particular type of project.

Do you employ your crew or are they subcontractors?

Many roofers work with a crew of subcontractors to complete client jobs. However, others will actually hire employees to crew their projects. In the end, your only concern is that they do an exceptional job that will result in a roof that will be repair free for years. Just do your homework and you will be able to enjoy your home in your Sherman Oaks Neighborhood.

These are some questions that should help guide your choice of roofer in the San Fernando Valley. Take your time in choosing and be comfortable with your decision.