Hey May! Here is what our team at ADCO Roofing and Waterproofing is talking about this month:

New and Noteworthy at ADCO
Feature alert!
Dan Huertas is one of our premium project managers at ADCO Roofing and Waterproofing and recently published an article in FOCUS Magazine, LA’s source for community associations. This article, entitled, “Extending the Life of One of Your Biggest Assets,” provides thoughtful insight into the year-round maintenance of roofs, and offers a quarterly maintenance calendar to ensure that your roof is protected and preserved, no matter the season.“Planning will give everyone a higher comfort level moving through the seasons and the monetary savings will help the community on budget,” writes Huertas, who has over seventeen years in the industry. Read the whole article here (pages 26 and 27) and learn more about maintaining one of your biggest assets…your roof!

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Commercial Roofing Insight Corner
Commercial roofing, waterproofing, and more! Here’s what’s new in the industry this past month:

Trends Report on Commercial Waterproofing
Did you know… the commercial restoration waterproofing membranes industry was worth nearly $8 billion in 2022, and is supposed to increase dramatically (approximately 7% annually) for the next several years? A new report published by Reports and Data, a custom market research organization, found that this increase in value and demand was impacted by a wide range of factors, including:

  • Increased urbanization and city development
  • A growing need to protect older commercial structures from water damage
  • Growing investments in both sustainability and infrastructure
What does this mean for those considering waterproofing for their commercial space? The numbers don’t lie, waterproofing is becoming increasingly important for the longevity of many assets and decreased expenditures. Is your building prepared?

Can Drones Make Commercial Roofing Safer?

An Ohio-based company sure seems to think so! RoofX works on both residential and commercial roofs and has recently implemented drone technology to improve the speed – and safety – of their roofing practices.

The company currently uses drones for roofing inspections, directing the small, remote-controlled aircraft over areas of the building to take photos and detect damage and necessary repairs. On buildings where the roof is difficult to access, the use of drone technology makes these roof inspections significantly safer and faster by greatly minimizing the risk of falls during the inspection period. Implementing this new technology makes those in the industry wonder, are drones the way of the future for commercial roofers?

On the Blog
You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But you may want to judge a commercial space on the flooring.
From the foot traffic encountered to the care and maintenance required, making an intentional decision when it comes to commercial flooring is critical!
In this ADCO blog post, we discover the aspects to consider when choosing commercial flooring for your unique needs and space. Read the blog post here. |

ADCO’s Weather Watch
Between rainy days and wildfire season, those accustomed to California’s diverse weather patterns may bask in the month of May: ripe with spring colors but not yet hot with the impending days of summer. But before you kick up your feet and break out the sunscreen, be sure and take the time to consider…are your commercial assets ready for the year ahead?
May is the perfect time for HVAC inspections and completing the necessary HVAC repairs, as is noted in Huerta’s article. Use this time to perform necessary checks on your HVAC system, and address any concerns (before the hectic days of summer arrive!)

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