Summer is essentially here and with it comes heat that can be damaging for your commercial roof. Flat surfaces like commercial roofing are always hit hard by summer heat waves and if you are not prepared, you may end up with serious damage and expensive replacement projects.

Make Sure Your Commercial Roof Is Ready for the Heat

UV exposure over extended periods of time weakens your roofing and reduces its ability to serve as a barrier. Heat also causes seams to come apart and cracks to form along commercial roofing surfaces. Once the heat wave passes and the weather cools, any rain in the forecast will enjoy making its way through these cracks and you end up with serious damage. The first thing to prepare for the hot summers is to fully inspect your roofing system, internally and externally. Identifying if there are already any problems will mean less expensive repairs down the road. Fixing problems early will save money and protect your investment. Be sure to work with a qualified and experienced roofing contractor to ensure all potential problems are identified. The signs that may indicate that your commercial roof may need repairs include:

  • Cracks, blisters, or punctures in the roof membrane
  • Discolored or water-stained walls and ceilings
  • Cracks in walls and parapets
  • Raised or deteriorated areas on the walls below the roof deck
  • Nails or screws coming through the membrane
  • Loose, damaged, or buckled flashing
  • Damaged or missing caulking along masonry panel joints
  • Gaps in caulking around any units on the roof (chimney or HVAC)
  • Bald or bare spots where UV reflective granules are missing


Regular inspections before the summer will allow you to identify any of these problems before the heat arrives. You will have time to get any damage repaired and make sure that your roofing will be able to withstand any heat. Inspection and regular maintenance is also the best way to extend the life of your commercial roofing, so you get the most from your investment. Call us today to schedule an inspection and we will get your commercial roof summer-ready before it is too late.

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