As a commercial building owner, the cost will be the first thing on your mind whenever a project needs to be completed. When this project involves a significant part of the building such as the roof, then it becomes very easy just to focus on the initial cost of purchasing the roof. However, there are other costs that you will have to take into account when thinking about the life cycle of the commercial roof as these can have a big impact on your finances. Some of these considerations are discussed here.

Lifecycle Costs of Commercial Roof System


When you are considering the cost of installation, there is more to take into account than just the price you have been given by the roofing company. There may be some disruption to your business while the roof is being installed and any costs associated with these will also have to be factored in. You may need to shut down for a few days while the installation is completed or move your employees to a different site.

Durability In The Long Term

The type of roof that you have chosen will have a huge impact on the maintenance costs that you may be faced with further down the line. Regular maintenance of the roof is essential and so it is a cost that you will need to think about. If maintenance is not carried out, then it is likely you will end up paying for more expensive repairs further down the line. The roof will also need cleaning on a regular basis and this is another cost that will have to be considered.

Potential Repairs

Again the cost of any potential repairs will largely depend on the type of roof that you have chosen. Certain types of roofs have specific repairs that are commonly needed and this is something that should be considered before the roof is even chosen. Repairs can also be needed if there is bad weather and it can help to plan for this. As well as the cost of repairs, you also need to consider whether it would be necessary to close your business while these repairs are being carried out.

Energy Savings

Any roof that you have installed today is going to be more efficient than anything that would have been installed twenty years ago. However, some roofs are more efficient than others and you will also need to think about the overall efficiency of your building as a whole. There may be tax incentives for installing an energy efficient roof in your state and so this is something else that you should look into.

Length Of Warranty

Ideally, you want to make sure that the warranty that you are offered covers the whole life span of the roof. As a minimum, you should be looking for at least twenty years. You also need to read the fine print of the warranty to make sure you are covered for the things that you would expect to be. If the warranty does not cover you for certain things, then these are costs that you will need to plan for.


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