Summer is just around the corner! Whatever your plans consist of, rest assured that ADCO Roofing and Waterproofing is here to support you and your roofing needs… all summer long! Here’s what’s new at ADCO and within the commercial roofing and waterproofing world this June:

New and Noteworthy at ADCO
Imminent Arrival of El Niño Predicted with 90% Chance of Year-Long Duration
Forecasters anticipates the imminent arrival of El Niño, a weather phenomenon expected to last for the entire year with a 90% probability. This could lead to significant global weather pattern changes, including increased precipitation and potential drought conditions in different regions. Read More Here.

Is your commercial roof prepared for warmer weather?

While you may be basking in the longer days and increased temps, changes in the weather can cause some serious damage to your roof. Moisture retention, thermal shock, wildfire damage, and sun damage are just a few of the things to look out for as the weather heats up. And when it comes to roof maintenance, prevention is key!
ADCO is offering a FREE roofing inspection for any individual who wants to ensure their commercial, industrial, or office buildings are prepared for whatever weather lies ahead. Shoot us a message or call us directly to schedule your FREE roofing inspection. At ADCO, we believe preparation is key when it comes to commercial roofing. Take advantage of these lazy days of summer, and ensure that your roof isn’t victim to the impacts hot weather can bring.

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Commercial Roofing Insight Corner
Commercial roofing, waterproofing, and more! Here’s what’s new in the industry this past month:
Continued Growth in the Roofing Industry

Big news in the roofing world according to a Comprehensive Research Report by Market Research Future: the roofing industry is growing at an impressive pace, and will continue to do so until 2030. Urbanization and an increased emphasis on environmentally friendly roofs are likely to account for this substantial growth.
What does this mean for property owners, and those in the commercial roofing field? There may be a lack of roofing specialists and skilled labor in the coming years, especially those who are familiar with government regulations. So if you are considering work on your commercial roof, the time to do so is now!

Studies Show Cost-Savings Associated with Energy-Efficient Commercial Roofs
The commercial roofing industry is jumping on the sustainability train! A recent study looked at the impact of code-compliant roof upgrades and their impact on energy savings. The results show that effective roof upgrades can create significant energy (and cost!) savings for property owners across the country.

With new tax incentives created to inspire building owners to “go green” and policies put in place to prioritize the environment, roofing contractors have the opportunity to step up and voice their commitment to sustainability. The result? A greener planet, cost savings for property owners, and the most effective roofing for any commercial space.

A Resource for Commercial Property Owners on Waterproofing, Roofing, and More
Property managers have a lot to deal with: from roofing and waterproofing concerns to problems with asphalt, landscaping, and more. That’s why one company launched a YouTube channel to answer a variety of questions property managers commonly have, all on a free platform.
The hope is that commercial property owners and property managers alike will have guided insight from experts whenever an issue arises. One popular feature is the ability to submit a question related to the field  if it hasn’t been answered on the platform yet. The ultimate goal? “A resource for the commercial property management industry,” states the owner.

On the Blog
“Waterproofing stucco is more complex than many builders believe. It’s more than slapping a coat of waterproofing on the exterior.”
Rotting, damage, and mold, oh my! There are some serious downsides to not waterproofing your stucco properly.  In this recent blog post, we dive into how to properly waterproof your stucco. (Hint: It’s a multi-step process that is more complex than many believe!)Read the blog post here.


ADCO’s Weather Watch
California weather is heating up, and despite the rain of the past several months, wildfires are expected to come full force this year. According to the latest in wildfire and climate technology, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA counties are suspected to be at the greatest risk for wildfires within California.
But there is some good news for those susceptible to increased wildfire watch: new high-tech cameras are being installed to help firefighters combat wildfires more effectively. What does this mean for you and your commercial structure? These cameras may allow professionals to prevent the flames from getting close enough to residential or commercial buildings to cause any significant damage. However, keep in mind that embers and ash can still cause damage to your roof, even if the fire is miles away. If there is a fire near you, it is a best practice to regularly check your roof to watch for potential damage.

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