Both the architect and the designer of commercial buildings are often very happy with the results of their work. In fact, the newer facilities are usually some of the best places that you can work from. So, every aspect of these designs is taken seriously, including the roofing system on a commercial building. This is also one of the main reasons why business owners are always looking for the most recent innovations in any industry such as maintenance friendly roofs. Here are 5 tips that you should know.

Tip #1: Seek Out Input Before Getting Started

You should always keep in mind that maintenance free design has to be well thought out from the beginning. To save money and unnecessary headaches, your building manager and the team of maintenance professionals that you will be working with should input into the design process. The input that they give will be critical to the success of making everyone involved live easier. Here are some of the topics of discussion that can be included in your feedback sessions.

  • Estimated life expectations
  • Maintenance intent
  • Damages expected in case the roof leaks
  • Cost requirements for potential problems

Tip #2: Include the Design of Your Maintenance Program

When you are designing your roofing system, it is very important that your team will follow a plan. This plan should not be based on ideas of what you feel or hope that the maintenance activities will be but a schedule that everyone will be required to go by when the roof is complete. Both the design of the roof and the maintenance program must run parallel in order for it to work efficiently.

Tip #3: The Design must include Effective Drainage and Water Removal Functionalities

When you are making decisions about the functions that are needed in a good maintenance friendly roof design, you need to take in consideration a number of different everyday factors. One of the most important one addresses how to eliminate the issues with drainage and water buildup that will not move but builds up largely over time. Because these puddles can accelerate damages, you want to make sure this design accommodates this need. For example, the city’s local codes will give the minimum slope requirements.

Tip # 4: Specify Easy Access to the Roof

If you want to ensure your roof is well maintained throughout its life, you need to specify strict requirements for accessing the roof. Regardless of how tall the building is, you need to factor in several viable options (i.e. ladders, stairs and doors to the top of the roof, a roof hatch that provides a ladder that cannot be moved, roof railings).

Tip #5: Easy to Maintain Roofing Type

Maintenance friendly roofing designs will also consider the different types of roofing materials that are available on the market today. To find the best option for your design, you will need the right type that is easy to maintain. For instance, because single ply has been tried and proven as having a wide range of great benefits including being robust and stable, you may find it an excellent choice for you too.

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