Technology has brought us drones and it turns out they can be used for more than just fun. Drones are one of the hottest items on the market today for roofers to use too. Having a drone will give you a competitive edge as these camera-equipped devices offer new views and solutions that may have been otherwise overlooked. You can also save your customers money as drones can help you to find more efficient ways to get a project done.

How Roofers Can Use Drones?

The first step to any roofing project is an inspection. You cannot do this very well from the ground, so roofers have to ascend buildings to make accurate assessments. Roofers are then at a disadvantage because there is an increased risk for injury and if there are any weakened areas on the roof, more damage can occur as they walk across the surface. Drones allow you to bypass these challenges by providing views while you stay safely on the ground. Images are taken and then surveyed by roofers on the ground so that weak spots or trouble areas can be identified without risking injury or damage to the roof’s weakened areas.

Footage recorded by a drone can also provide more accuracy by going deeper than surface level imaging. Many drones can be fitted with thermal imaging to effectively identify water damage. Roofers can also evaluate the measurements of ridges, peaks, and tough to reach areas with help from drones. Knowing this information helps roofers prepare before they step onto the roof surface and they will be aware of their exact surroundings. Drones also allow roofers to capture their work digitally. The accurate photos capture the craftsmanship up close and in detail. These detailed images make great additions to any roofer portfolio and can show a potential customer the exact quality they can expect. Give your clients a view from the top so it is easier for them to choose you as the contractor they want to work with.

Drones can also help with dangerous roofing situations. Storm damage, fallen trees, and downed power lines can cause serious hazards to roofers but a drone can be sent ahead to find this before roofers head out. Drones are innovative and can set you apart from the competition. Using drones not only promotes safer work practices but it allows for more accurate assessments and works to be done. Stay one step ahead of the competition and invest in a drone today.


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