How roofers can use drones

New technologies are completely transforming the way things are in various industries all over the globe. Companies that keep up with the latest technology is staying more competitive when servicing their customers. Looks like no field of study will go without being affected; the roofing industry is not an exception. Typically, the tools that a contractor uses to survey and inspect residential and commercial roofing may vary greatly. So, it is important that you are doing your research to see what each contractor has in their disposal. This is because your research may now consist of the use of drones.

For those of you who are presently in the commercial roofing industry or expecting to hire a commercial roofer to do your next job, you may want to think about the innovations of using a drone to do your roof inspections. Particularly, since you may find that drones are speeding up roofing projects, while also saving the consumer money in the long run.

Old Traditional Roofing Inspections Performed on the Ground

First of all, when thinking about hiring a contractor to do a roof repair job, you will often find that the initial stages of this kind of project usually begins within performing a roof inspection. With the traditional processes that are presently used today, you will see the roofer climbing on to the roof to identify what is really going on. While many contractors are usually prepared to do these jobs using various safety techniques and procedures, there are some drawbacks and disadvantages to the traditional method. Some of the more common that is usually identified are as follows:

  • The roof is weak so the roofer can suffer potential injuries.
  • Additional roofing damage can be done in these inspections when the roof is already compromised.

New Roofing Inspections Performed by Drones

Today, the methods for inspecting a roofing system has changed dramatically. From climbing on the top of the roof to identify repair problems in using a drone to complete these inspections, the newer methods are bypassing the problems and issues that exist in the traditional inspection methods. So, how are these roofing contractors using the new techniques?

Use Precision Imaging to Complete the Inspections

When drones are used in these inspection jobs, they can be done with precision. According to some of the most recent advanced technology, this simply means that the contractor can use its functions to go farther than the top layer. Typically, when this is the case, the drone can be programmed to go farther down below the roof’s surface. For instance, if the contractor has access to drone fitted software applications, the inspection can uncover water damage that hides in places that are difficult to see. Typically, when the contractor uses thermal imaging to do their inspections, the roofer can use the technology to take measurements of peaks, ridges and other difficult to reach places. Once this information has been collected, the roofer will have the data that they need to identify what needs to be done to the roof without having to climb a ladder to make these distinctions. By using these images, the consumer can even expect the roofer to not only save them time but also money.

Work Digitally Encapsulated – Great for the Company’s Portfolio

In addition to completing the inspection of the roof with a precision image, these digital can use for a number of different purposes. For the smart and innovative roofing contractor, these photos can become a part of their company’s online portfolio.

On-the-Go Provisions Made

Roofing companies and homeowners alike can benefit greatly from this on-the-go technology. Specifically, after storms and other natural disasters where it would be difficult or impossible to get to the roof to see what is going on. Today, commercial roofing contractors have the ability to send these drones out to capture a picture of what is damaged and what needs to be done.

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