You may love animals but that doesn’t mean you want them in your roofing space or system. They can leave behind unsanitary messes that can cause health problems and they can cause damage to the system as they scurry around. They can also get injured by electrical wires or nails, and should they die in your roof, you will have unpleasant smells and the risk of potential diseases.

How Animals in your Roof can Cause Serious Problems

Since the animals that get into your roofs (birds, rodents, raccoons) are uninvited, chances are they caused damage to the exterior roofing just to get in. They can chew and gnaw their way through weak points in the roof, creating holes for their buddies to get through. Before you know it, a collection of animals have easy access to your roofing space. They need to get cleared out before any further damage is done. Chew marks are the clearest indication that you have unwanted guests in the roof as well as scratches or small nesting spots. You may also notice damaged or chewed wiring or pipes. You can also count on finding droppings everywhere and in most cases, you will see these before you ever see the culprit leaving them behind. Fur and feathers can also get snagged or left around. It is important to deal with animal intrusions quickly as the damage can be costly and dangerous. The presence of wild animals is also a serious health hazard. Gutters are common entryways for small rodents and popular nesting spots for birds, so cleaning these regularly is a great way to prevent animals from overstaying their welcome.

Final Thoughts

After any animal infestation has been cleared, you must re-check the roofing system for any access points or weak spots to prevent future occurrences. Work with a professional contractor to inspect your roof fully so that every inch is covered. Animals can cause disease as well as damage to the electrical systems and roofing systems, so get them cleared out today and take the steps to make sure they don’t come back.

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