Located in Los Angeles County in the San Fernando Valley, the neighborhood of Northridge has become a go-to spot for residents working in Los Angeles. With affordable housing and great schools, people opt to live in this cultural neighborhood and commute to the city for work. The community was originally named North Los Angeles, which emphasizes its closeness to the city but for those who want to avoid the hectic city life, Northridge is the ideal setting.

The history of the community goes back to Spanish explorers and still maintains a great deal of heritage and cultural diversity. Northridge has many residents that have been there a long time as well as a number of new ones. The housing of an area makes a very visual statement, so quality is important. Roofing for HOA and multiple-family housing developments is important to the overall appearance of the property, so owners need to work with reliable and experienced roofing contractors.

Property Roofing

The roof of a building is the largest exterior surface, making up 60 percent of the whole area. It, therefore, is a very important element in the value of a building. Roofing can be expensive especially once damage has occurred, so quality insulation and regular maintenance is critical to maintaining a successful HOA development. Roofing needs to be considered as an investment, so should not be done with cheap labor or materials. The roofing contractor you choose needs to be experienced, trained and reliable in order to ensure you get the best for your investment.

There are a number of roofing companies in the Northridge area to choose from, so we understand that it can be a difficult task. Sometimes, you do not come across he right one until you have had a few trials with less competent ones. There are however, a few key factors that can help you narrow the search and help you find the right roofer right away.

Finding The Best Roofing Contractor


Always check the credentials and licenses of any contractor before discussing the job. You also want to make sure they are fully insured. There are options for contractors to be licensed for general contracting or home improvement projects. If the company you choose is able to also make alterations or additions, be sure they have the appropriate liability insurance for $300,000 or more.

The ideal selection will also have an active membership to industry associations and it is a good idea to verify if they have received any awards from well-established real estate associations. Always check the references that a contractor provides especially on jobs that are similar to what you are looking to have done. You can also do research to find reviews online left by previous customers and clients that have worked with the contractor you are considering.

Quality of the Services

You want to choose a roofer that has worked in the Northridge area for a long time and has a solid, positive reputation. Ideally, pick one that has experience with all in-house jobs. The contractor should work with permanent sub-contractors rather than temporary day workers because the quality of work is typically more consistent and more reliable from permanent employees. Having permanent workers also makes it easier to contact them in the event there is any problem with the work completed.


Communication is key to any business relationship and this goes for roofing contractors too. Clear and honest communication means that the contractor will listen and understand your needs perfectly and can keep you updated throughout the project. Information is essential to making sure you do not get any surprises along the way or unexpected costs. Customer service and follow up is also important when it comes to roofing projects.