One of the best-known sights in Brentwood is the San Vicente Boulevard, whose wide median features many large coast coral trees (Erythrina caffra). This type of coral tree is the official tree of Los Angeles, and the trees on San Vicente Boulevard have been a Historic-Cultural Monument since March 1976. A local tradition is to decorate these trees annually with holiday lights. The Getty Center, which opened in 1997, is one of two locations of the Getty Museum.

Geographically Brentwood is located in the Westside of Los Angeles. The Westside is known for being the home of University of California, Los Angeles, Santa Monica College and West Los Angeles College. The climate of Brentwood is strongly influenced by air currents from the nearby Pacific Ocean; the ocean breeze often brings in a cloud cover at night, which dissipates during the course of the following morning.

A notable geographical feature is underground springs which form a small creek – ‘The Gully’ – near the Brentwood Country Club, and also surface in the Serra Springs, also known as the Tongva Sacred Springs, designated by a California Historical Landmark on the premises of the University High School. These springs served as a source of fresh water by the Gabrieleno Tongva people since approximately 500 BC.

Brentwood is an affluent neighborhood, whose numerous notable residents have included such figures as author Andrew Breitbart, actor James Arness, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, actress Marilyn Monroe, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver as well as sports figure/broadcaster O.J. Simpson and his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.


Businesses include the Brent-Air Pharmacy, which has been in operation for approximately 50 years, and is sometimes referred to as a ‘pharmacy to the stars’. The Brentwood Country Mart is a 30,000 square foot shopping center on 26th street, near San Vincente Blvd., whose barn-like structure was designed by architect Rowland Crawford. It has been in place since 1948 and is popular with tourists since many celebrities frequent this location. The Country Mart contains a variety of stores, so the majority of a shopper’s purchases can be completed in one stop.

Real Estate

Some notable subdivisions include:

  • The Brentwood Glen neighborhood, South of Sunset Boulevard and West of the San Diego Freeway consists of houses principally constructed between 1935 and 1942. The neighborhood was named Brentwood Glen by its residents in 1969 when the Homeowners’ Association was formed. It consists of 560 homes, which are principally single-family homes but includes some multi-family structures.
  • Brentwood Circle, North of Sunset Boulevard, is a gated community near the Getty Center.
  • Crestwood Hills, founded in the late 1940s and featuring mid-century modern architecture. Several homes in the area, designed by A. Quincy Jones, were designated architectural landmarks by the state of California. Partly as a result of the 1961 Brentwood Bel-Air fire, there has been a lot of construction and reconstruction of houses in this area. There is a homeowners’ association, and the community has been a wealthy neighborhood since about the year 2000.
  • Mandeville Canyon, during the early 1900s, was primarily an area for hiking and horseback riding. It developed slowly during the 1940s and early 1950s as a ‘rustic’ neighborhood for well-to-do people; then approximately 300 homes were built in 1957-1958, and in the 1960s several hundred more properties were developed, but it remains a small community.

Roofing Needs in Brentwood

The real estate in Brentwood consists of a variety of architectural styles and homes of various ages, to include those built prior to the depression up through the latter part of the 20th century. The majority of homes are upscale structures and include some multifamily structures. Most are managed by homeowners’ associations (HOAs)

Homes managed by HOAs will require roofing contractors to deal with people other than the individual homeowner, because decisions involving roofing replacements may not be made by the homeowners themselves. There will be discussions with the HOA board of directors who will work on behalf of the homeowners, seeking to make the best choices for them.

Choosing Your Roofing Contractor

  • Experience – Your roofing contractor needs to be someone who is experienced in dealing with HOA board members, developers, and general contractors. The ideal contractor will know in advance the complexities of providing roofing for HOA or multifamily structures and will work well with the Association Board of directors.
  • License – Your chosen contractor needs to be licensed and insured. This is the only way you can be certain of receiving quality work. Your contractor should also display professionalism and the ability to resolve behind-the-scenes issues with the project manager or HOA board of directors, without disturbing the homeowners. Your contractor should be able to provide rapid solutions in case of problems, and uncompromising professionalism and quality work on the roof installation or repair.

Above and Beyond

Perhaps most importantly, your roofing contractor should do more than just install or repair the roof. You need someone who is concerned with you as a person and does not fail to follow up with you, offering service and maintenance, and developing a lasting relationship with you as a satisfied customer. We will always give you better value-for-money, as a result of a commitment to quality service and durability of the roofing after it has been installed.

These are the reasons why you should come to us with your roofing needs in Brentwood. You are guaranteed quality service from our professional staff. We take pride in customer satisfaction, and your satisfaction is foremost in our mind, whatever type of roofing service you require. Your roof is designed to last for decades: More than installation, we are happy to provide professional maintenance and service.