Many commercial and industrial buildings have equipment on the roof. The roof is an ideal place to keep bulky equipment out of the way and for the most part, out of sight. Depending on where you stand, the equipment can be seen and can look unsightly. Big bulky units can detract from the appearance of your building.

Cover Unsightly Rooftop Equipment with Roof Screens

As important as it is to find space for your equipment, it is equally important to remember that the appearance of your building matters to partners, investors, business prospects, and customers. Your brand and reputation could be damaged by the appearance of bulky roof units. The good news is that you can easily remedy this. Ventilation, heating, and electrical equipment are necessary components of a building, but it is possible to hide them. Investing in roof screens allows you to protect your brand and image, by effectively hiding the unsightly equipment that your building requires.

What Screens Can Hide

Having roof screens can hide equipment from sight, thus protecting the appearance of your building and the appeal of your brand. There is a lot of equipment that can be hidden with the installation of a quality roof screen.

  • Roof Exhaust Ventilation Fans: Roof Exhaust Ventilation Fans are needed to pull dirty air from the building and allow fresh air inside. The bigger your building, the more of these you have, and the uglier your building can look.
  • HVAC Units: HVAC units are typically bulky and lined up in rows, but are necessary for climate and temperature management for the building interior.
  • Cooling Towers: Cooling Towers are used to extract unwanted heat from various places like HVAC units, to reduce the temperature of water. What makes then hard to look at is the rust they are often covered in.
  • Ducts and Pipework: Ducts and Pipework are always associated with HVAC units and other roofing equipment. You can often see ducts and pipes from ground level.
  • Service Walkways: Service Walkways are often used on flat roofing and are necessary for accessing roof equipment. While functional, these are usually located near building edges, so are not that great to look at.
  • Platforms: Platforms are typically part of most types of equipment. Used to raise units from the roof surface, the framework and equipment becomes more visible and when they also have guard rails, they are even more distracting.
  • Communication Systems: Communication systems require antennas, cellular communication units, and satellite dishes. While necessary for communication, these do nothing for the building appearance. You may not be able to hide a tall antenna, but a screen will cover the bulky equipment at the base.
  • Solar Panels: Solar Panels are becoming more popular, so many buildings invest in them. While the panels are not ugly in themselves, the supports, frames, and electrical connections are not pleasant to look at.

The equipment discussed above is necessary and will be a part of any commercial or industrial building. They can take away from the appearance of your property and potentially your image. Investing in roof screens helps to protect your image as they will keep the equipment from sight. There are a number of screen designs and materials available, so you can choose what suits your building and brand best. Consider adding your company logo to the screens for an extra special touch. Reach out to us today to discuss your options and we will find the best screen coverage to protect your equipment and your brand.

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