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How The Weather Will Affect Roofing in 2019

ADCO How the weather will affect roofing

Weather is challenging to predict in general but with recent climate changes, predicting the weather this year is proving to be the most challenging yet. Because roofing is a necessary part of weather protection, this unpredictability will impact the roofing industry. As natural disasters continue to happen as a result of the changing climate, certain trade professions like roofing will be impacted.

How The Weather Will Affect Roofing in 2019

Construction and roofing are influenced by weather in several ways. Roofing systems must be able to withstand any weather and typically the weather in a certain area is relatively stable. With the changing climate and unpredictable nature of weather today, roofing could be in for more challenges than ever before. With areas experiencing different weather from normal materials and roofing systems need to be changed.

Roofing is the best defense against the elements so it needs to be up to the challenge of any possible weather. With any and all weather now being possible at any given time, roofing systems need to be changed to meet this need. Typically roofers have the advantage of knowing the local area and the weather, so can accurately provide the best materials and systems. But there is no way to know what roofing should be installed when you have no idea what weather will be on the horizon.

If weather is unpredictable it can be a challenge to determine what roofing systems will be needed. Erratic weather patterns make it difficult to know what an area will face and many roofing systems will be unprepared. Customers will want materials that are durable and able to withstand any weather just in case, which is why we are proud to offer the best and newest technologies in roofing to ensure your roof stands up to any unpredictable weather conditions.


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Why Should You Hire a Roofer for Your Flat Roof?

ADCO why should you hire a roofer

Maintaining the appearance and quality of a flat roof requires regular maintenance. By investing in this, you can ensure that your roof stays safe and can withstand harsh environments and weather conditions. Your roof will naturally age with time, but with regular maintenance and repairs, it will be guaranteed to last longer which protects your investment.

Hiring a Roofer for Your Flat Roof

There are a few key problems you will face with your flat roof, and hiring a roofer ensures these can be taken care of efficiently.

  • Flat roofing is susceptible to ponding. This is when water from rain or melted snow pools in areas of the roof. If this ponding is not corrected right away, it can weaken the roof materials causing leaks and structural problems. Once the exterior is compromised, you may also experience internal structural damage which can be expensive, so you need to contact a roofer as soon as you notice the ponding.
  • Over time, roofing systems can crack along the membrane. Lengthy cracks will appear spongy and are caused after periods of alternating freezing and thawing. An experienced roofer can inspect your roof after each season to identify any cracks or splits and repair them before they spread.
  • Flat roofing typically is layers of substrate and felt, and air can become trapped within these layers. When this happens, the roof can blister which makes it unstable. You can identify blisters as elevated pockets in your roof surface. Call a roofer as soon as you see this and they can remedy the situation and prevent further and more expensive damage.
  • Ridges can also occur when a bituminous buildup occurs within the joints of the roof insulation. This typically happens when moisture condenses under the felt layers. Ridges appear as long, narrow crevices and they most likely can be seen along membranes that are not securely attached.

These issues are common with flat roofing systems, but with regular inspections and maintenance, they can be avoided or repaired once identified. We recommend that you call us to inspect your roof even if you have not noticed any of these problems. With a regular check, we can prevent these problems from occurring before they cause too much damage. Preventative maintenance will be the best way to protect your roof, your building, and your investment.

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Why Become A Roofer in Los Angeles?

  • Posted On September 7, 2018
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Need a career change? Looking for a reliable and steady trade? You need to consider becoming a roofer. Working with many buildings in residential, industrial, and commercial fields, roofing is both exciting and challenging. If you are good with your hands and like rewarding but hard work, then a job in roofing could be for you.

What does a roofer do?

Roofers repair roofing systems as well as install brand new roofs. They work with a variety of materials including metal, rubber, wood, slate, and clay. They also work in different climates and weather conditions and one day you could be on a sloped roof and then the next day a flat one. Every situation and roofing project is different, so you will always have a new challenge. Attention to detail is a must for the job because a poorly installed roof can cause expensive damages as well as accidents.

Roof installation first requires a decking to be put down, usually made of thick plywood. Then a layer of felt is put down which can help you to maintain good footing. The final layer is the roofing material, be it clay tiles, metal sheets, or rubber tiles. Whatever the material or roofing style, you need to pay close attention to detail, because poor roofing can result in serious and expensive damage. You also have the training to install vents, ducts, and roof additions such as solar panels.

Training to become a roofer

On-the-job training is the most efficient way to train how to become a roofer. Most roofing companies offer apprenticeship programs where you can take classes as well as perform on-site paid work. Along with learning industry standards and codes, the on-site training gives you real access to materials, tools, and experiences. Every roofing job is different, so the more experience you have the more skills and expertise you will develop. The classes you complete will provide certification that will help you to advance your career.

The demands of roofing are very physical, so it helps to be in good shape. You also want to have good balance as you will be on high rooftops for most of your day. Attention to detail and precision are key components to avoid hazardous conditions, accidents, and damage to the roofing system. It is important to be able to work under these pressures without carelessness. You will also be required to work independently as well as part of a team.

What is the future of roofing?

According to the US Department of Labor, the employment rate for roofing contractors is expected to increase by 13 percent over the next ten years. A growing economy supports growth and expansion and new buildings will need new roofs. In addition to this, roofing wears much faster than any other portion of a building, so repair and maintenance are required often. Between new installations, replacements, and repairs you will be busy as a roofer.

The potential for new job opportunities in roofing is great. The physical demands cause individuals to retire early, so new spaces open up within companies all year. Some also move on to construction after developing enough experience in the trade. Jobs in roofing are expected to be abundant and the best times to start looking are during the spring and summer. Military experience is also regarded as a plus when it comes to the roofing industry and may help you secure employment. A career in roofing will be challenging yet rewarding, and you will have a steady source of good work. Call us today to discuss the potential and opportunities in the Los Angeles area.


7 Tips To Find The Best Roofing Contractor In Los Angeles

7 tips to find the best roofing contractor


ADCO is a reputable commercial roofing contractor and has handled thousands of projects since it was established in 1989. We have compiled a number of the factors you should look out for before selecting the best roofing contractor.

A roof system is a significant component of your business. Purchasing a new roof is among essential investments you will make so before settling on the right roofing contractor, we recommend these guidelines:

Proper business identification

Firstly, ensure that the contractor you are considering hiring has a physical address, tax identification number, and a telephone number. Hiring a business that is appropriately registered ensures that you are dealing with a legit business entity.

Insurance coverage

Insist on looking at the person’s or entity’s liability insurance and worker’s compensation certificate. Ensure that the insurance cover is valid at the time of hire, and is useful throughout the period required to complete the project. If it is not up to date, any accidents will not be compensated.

Track record

Hiring a reputable company is essential as you are assured of quality services. Before hiring a company, look at its track record. The firm should be willing to give you a list of client references. You can contact these clients to find out the quality of services to expect.

Written proposal

Always insist on getting a written proposal from the roofing contractor. The proposal should include elaborate descriptions of the project and its specifications. It should also state the approximate starting and completion dates as well as the payment procedures and plan.

Finer details

Ask the contractor to explain the specific aspects of the project. Have them tell you about the quality procedures put in place to ensure a successful project. Also, discuss the number of workers who will be required and the estimated time of completion. You need to be on par with all the details.


Take time to understand the roofing warranty conditions. What guarantee are you entitled to and what provisions would void it? Always have positive skeptics regarding the lowest bid. Most times when it sounds too good to be true, it possibly is. Quality craft and professionalism are the qualities you should give top considerations.

Association member

Contractors who are subscribed to local, regional, state or national roofing associations tend to offer better quality services than those who aren’t. If the company is affiliated or recognized by a significant industry brand, it is possible that they provide high-quality services.

Following the above guidelines will give you an upper hand. Ensure that you make a wise decision regarding the roofing contractor you select. If you choose a right roofing contractor, you are assured of a high return on investment.

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10 Most Common Rooftop Safety Hazards

10 Most Common Rooftop Safety Hazards

It is everyone’s responsibility to look after their own health and safety and that of others when they are working on a roofing project. Making sure that you are aware of any potential hazards is a good place to start as once you know that these hazards are then you can start to think of ways to avoid them. Here are the 10 most common rooftop safety hazards:

Stability Of The Roof

If the roof is unstable then there may be risk of collapse under a persons weight. The roof should always be checked before more than one person goes up there.

Placement Of The Ladder

Most roofing accidents occur because the placement of the ladder is incorrect. The feet should always be secure and the top of the ladder should be tied to the roof if practical.

Weather Conditions

Shingles on a roof can become slippery if it has been snowing or raining and this can make falls more likely. Snow can also add extra weight to the roof. If the roof is too wet then any work should be postponed until the weather conditions have improved.

Holes In The Roof

The roof should always be checked for skylights that have not been covered up or holes of any other kind. Falling through the hole in the roof could cause serious injury and is something that can be easily avoided by carrying out a few simple checks.

Losing Awareness Of The Edge

It is easier than you think to lose awareness of where you are in the roof and falling from the edge can lead to fatalities. Even the most experienced roofers can lose track of where they are on the roof and find themselves stepping too close to the edge on occasion and so it is important to take a moment every now and again to stop and think about exactly where you are.

Improper Training

The training that you undergo before you start working on roofing jobs will teach you all you need to know about staying safe when you are working on a roof. If the training has not been up to standard then it may be harder to keep yourself safe as there may be important safety elements that you have not been taught and are therefore unaware of.

Improper Use Of Equipment

You will need safety equipment before you go up on the roof to help protecting you but you will not get the benefits of this protection if the equipment is not used properly. Common mistakes that are made when using safety equipment include the lanyard being too long and the tie off point being too weak.

Poor Line Of Sight

There are many things that can block your sight when you are on a roof such as chimneys, ridge vents, and even other workers. Maintaining a good line of sight is important so that you know where you are in relation to the edge of the roof and so you can see any other potential hazards that may be on the roof.

Pitch Of The Roof

Greater care will need to be taken on roofs with a steeper pitch as you will be more likely to fall on a roof like this than you would on a flat roof. There is also more danger from falling shingles on a sloped roof so you will want to make sure that all shingle bundles are properly secured.

Split Level Roofing

Split level roofing brings more safety concerns because it is possible that the highest point of the house is further off the ground than on a single level home. There is also a greater chance of falling from the side of the roof as these areas are unlikely to have any kind of barrier that could prevent the fall.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) needed whenever you work on a roof and it is vital that this is used correctly. If an accident did occur and there was a problem with the protective equipment then the consequences of this accident are likely to be more severe. If you are unsure about how to use any piece of PPE then you should ask someone to help you. PPE is there to help you but you also need to take some responsibility for your own safety.

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The article is provided by George G. an experienced safety expert.  Safety is important at home too. Keep your children safe with the safest and strongest pool fence.


Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Roofer

Becoming A Roofer in Los Angeles

When you are thinking about a new career then one of the most important things to consider is whether you are going to get steady work. This is something that becoming a roofer at Adco in Los Angeles, definitely can offer you.

With us, you will get the opportunity to work on commercial, industrial buildings and work is available all year round. The following information will tell you everything that you need to know about what a roofer does and how to become one.

What Is Involved In Being A Roofer?

Being a roofer is a job that offers a lot of a variety. You will be working on roofs that are made from many different materials including asphalt, metal, and rubber. Some roofs may be flat and others will be sloped, some to a steeper degree than others. You will also need to remember that all of your work will be carried out in the outdoors and so you will face all types of weather.

The first stage in building a roof is to install the decking and you will need a good sense of balance for this part of the job. When the felt is placed over the decking then you have something steady to stand on. It is very important that the felt is applied properly and so good attention to detail is needed.

When the shingles have been installed then it is very difficult to get back down to the felt to correct any problem that may be there. If the felt is not sealed down properly then the roof will leak and this can cause real damage to the interior of the property. There may also be times when you will need to fit items such as attic windows or ventilation fans on the roof.

How Do You Train To Become A Roofer?

Most of the training that a roofer undergoes will be done on the job. An apprenticeship is also a route into a career as a roofer and this will combine learning in the classroom with some real on the job experience. When the training is complete then you will have the relevant qualifications as well as experience and this can make it easier for you to find a job. You will also need to keep up to date with training throughout your career to make sure that your qualifications and still valid and relevant.

Being a roofer is a very physical job and so you will need to be in good shape. You will spend virtually all your time on the top of buildings so you can’t be afraid of heights and you will also need a good sense of balance.

You need to be able to maintain good attention to detail at all times. Some of the roofing work that you do may as part of a team but you will be expected to spend a lot of time working under your own initiative without any instruction.

What Is The Outlook For Roofing Jobs?

The outlook for roofing jobs is very positive. As more buildings are built to cope with the growing population then the need to hire roofers will also grow. Roofs also tend to wear quicker than other areas of the building and so there will be a greater need to get them replaced and repaired more often.

About three quarters of the work that a roofer does will be repairing and replacing existing roofs. As well as normal wear and tear, roofs can also become damaged by extreme weather conditions. In these situations repairs will need to be made as soon as possible and this can create a lot of work for roofers.

What Are The Job Prospects?

There are a great deal of jobs that are available for roofers as people retire or take other jobs in the construction industry. The demand for roofing means that there will almost always be jobs available.

It is an industry that is less likely to experience downturns because even if new construction slows down there will still be a lot of work available in terms of repairs and replacement.

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