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Will A New Roofing System Add Value To Your Commercial Property?

Will A New Roofing System Add Value To Your Commercial Property?

Adding value to your commercial property by installing a new roofing system?

It is always important to get back a return on your investment and really long term benefits of your spending. Especially if you are a commercial or industrial business owner and property manager. It is especially important when it comes to roofing investment. There are so many advantages of adopting a modern roofing system and doing away with the old roofing system. When you decide to install the new flat roofing system you actually benefit from efficient, higher energy saving and less maintenance, apart from the obvious fact that it is more dependable.

Should you decide to work with us then there are so many advantages we provide. The most important being the fact that we can actually strategize together and have a really long time relationship from the beginning of your modern roof installation to the end of its service life. This actually means that we will be able to actually maintain your roofing system. We have knowledge when it comes to modern roofing systems and highly experienced. We will always be there throughout your roof’s service life, relieving you of the stresses and headaches caused by leaks. We are the best in roof management and pride ourselves in providing you with peace of mind and assure you of proper roofing services.

The most important aspect is the fact that once your new roof is installed, your property value is substantially increased. This is because the building will be more attractive, secure, and weather tight compared to when you were using the old roofing system. It is therefore very beneficial to adopt the new roofing system and improve your property value.

What are the actual returns from installing a new roofing system?

Installing a new flat roofing system is not cheap, it is very expensive and I have to admit the figures can be quite high. It is not a decision that can be made easily and may require a lot of budgeting to afford it. Once you actually grasp the advantages of the new roofing system, then you will actually see how important it is however costly it may be. Property managers need to know that they will end up saving a lot in the long run. The new roof system is guaranteed to last longer and more resistant to the elements. You will save a lot on regular maintenance fees due to leaks when compared to the old roofing system.

When you are considering selling your commercial property, having a durable, modern flat roofing system is a good bonus and great bargaining point. Prospective buyers will definitely want a more durable, low maintenance cost, and long life cycle modern flat roofing system. You want to sell your property at the best possible market price, installing a new flat roof could be just the answer to that. Leaking, poorly maintained roofs can even be a deal breaker to some buyers because they don’t want the expenditure of installing a new roofing system.

Constantly repairing damages caused by leaking roofs can be very expensive. The old roofing system was not also as durable and reliable as the new roofing system. Why should you stick to a roofing system that is so costly in the long run? It is not economical and you need to be saving rather than constantly spending. The main aim of a commercial building is usually to make a profit, and since initial construction and establishment was costly you really need to save as much as you can.

You should understand that the new roofing system is easier to repair than the old roofing system. With the new flat roofing system, repair is way cheaper than the old roofing system and not as often. It is also more energy efficient and prevents heat loss during winter, during the summer it keeps in more fresh air.

With green initiatives bylaws and requirements, it is important to change to the new roofing system which makes starting this initiative quite easy. Starting a green initiative on the old roofing system is possible but very expensive. You will spend so much in starting and establishing it. However, with the new roofing system, it is not as expensive to start and maintain a green initiative program. Considering a new flat roofing system is the best decision any property manager or business owner can make considering all the benefits that come with it.

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Why Are Commercial Roofs Typically Flat?

Why commercial roofs typically flat

When you take a look at most of the roofs all over Los Angeles, including other parts of the country, you will realize one thing: most commercial roofs are flat. So the question is, why are the majority of buildings, be it hospitals, schools, factories, schools and other buildings have flat roofs? And why is it that their roofing system is not peaked or sloped just like residential houses? If your answer to this question was the price, then you only have part of the answer, while the other part remains unanswered.

Commercial roofs that are flat are considered to be cost-effective

As a matter of fact, the most important factor when it comes to the designing and construction of commercial premises is what budget you’re dealing with. Actually, all commercial buildings tend to have large (if not huge) footprints. In other terms, flat commercial roofs are considered to be cheaper when it comes to installation, as they need less materials. On the contrary, roof designs that are sloped or peaked are a more complicated and will need more investment because of the additional framing to be done.

Commercial buildings also need a good drainage system jut like residential houses do. The purpose of an excellent drainage system is to ensure that rain water is evacuated easily. Having all these factors in mind, the roof cost will definitely be high, but in most occasions, the installation of a flat roof that has a good drainage system will not be as expensive as other type of roofs.

But looking closely, not all commercial buildings have flat roofs. Viewing them at an angle, they appear to be flat, but they really have about a 2% slope. The purpose of the slope is for the water or snow that falls on the roof to slide down and to not accumulate. Otherwise, the extra weight on the roof may result in a costly damage.

Steep sloped roofs are not ideal for a majority of commercial roofs

When it comes to the part of the designing and construction of commercial building roofs, the building size matters a great deal. If you were to design a valley roof for an enormous building, the design will be in such a way that the peak would be very tall or you will need to put quite a number of valleys and peaks on the roof design. This will definitely be unrealistic on such large buildings. Apart from this, most cities in the world have different building codes, and some may regulate height limits of commercial buildings.

Commercial facilities need to effectively maximize the square footage so investing in a sloped roof would not be the best choice. It’s also not recommended from an aesthetic perspective. Imagine how Home Depot would look like with a sloped roof. It does not sound good, does it?

Room for equipment is needed in commercial roofs

Nearly all large commercial buildings need essential equipment, such as an HVAC system. To install such a big equipment outside the building or at the base floor is not acceptable by the law. One major reason as to why the law does not allow them to be installed there is because of the potential safety hazards, and also for security purposes.

Though the machinery is supposed to be located somewhere on the ground floor of the building, or in the basement, installing HVACs at the ground floor would be occupying useful space that could be used to do other things. Also, these equipment make a lot of noise which may be disturbing. In conclusion, the ideal roof for commercial buildings is the flat roof, as they allow ample space for the installation of equipment; be it an HVAC, or other machinery.

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How Infrared Technology Can Resolve Roof Issues – Thermal Roof Inspection


A commercial and industrial roof is subjected to extreme heat and moisture. It’s important to point out that a commercial roof replacement project is one hefty cost that cannot be taken lightly by building owners. Fortunately, an experienced commercial roofing contractor can check and critique the insulation under the membrane of the roof with ease. This exposes viable cost-effective solutions for building owners.

The wavelength length of thermal or infrared energy is extremely long. This is the primary reason why this light cannot be seen by the human eye. Scientific studies have proven that the wavelength of thermal or infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is considered as heat. Thermology excels when it comes to recording the thermal or infrared radiation with the aid of an infrared camera.

According to Adco’s Infrared Moisture Analysis, an infrared camera can pick up infrared energy and transform it into an electronic signal within a matter of seconds. The electronic signal is carefully processed to create a sharp thermal image on a compatible video monitor and compute precise temperature calculations. It’s worth mentioning that infrared cameras have sensitive sensors called “bolometers”. Bolometers are designed to scan infrared and produce a picture that can be seen.

Some people are under the impression that they are looking at temperature readings when they look at the image. However, they are actually looking at a representation of the thermal radiation on the surface. It’s critical for one to know the difference!

Extensive training is essential when it comes to helping a commercial roofer recognize false indications. Having a deep understanding of the science is the key to taking advantage of this impressive technology. Commercial roofing contractors (like ADCO ROOFING) will use an infrared camera to interpret roof conditions and share their knowledge with building owners.

The Advantages of Infrared Technology

  • Locating Wet Insulation

Wet insulation can is costly because it increases monthly cooling and heating bills. It also weakens roof materials. It’s not unusual for some commercial building owners to suffer from thousands of dollars in repairs due to wet insulation. IR technology can detect wet insulation, and a thorough roof survey can point out the damaged areas that should be replaced.

  • Detect Moisture

The powerful rays of the sun can help us detect water trapped in a roofing system. The concept of heat capacity plays a vital role in the process. Water heats up slow when compared to other substances, and it holds heat for a longer period of time. When the sun rays heat up the roof, water is slow to heat when compared to roofing material. The roof can be inspected at night because water cools off slower than the roof.

  • Finding Leaks

It is challenging for any commercial roofer to find leaks in a newly installed roof. For instance, leaks can take place below the outside intrusion point. This could be hundreds of feet below!

The law of physics points out that water is not immediately absorbed by polyisocyanurate insulation. It could be easy for detect roof moisture, but the challenge lies in finding the source of the leak.

  • Quality Control

A commercial roofing contractor can inspect the roof after a job is completed to make certain that water has not infiltrated the roof system during the project. Missing this crucial step will only cause problems for the building owner. Experienced contractor can lower or eliminate callbacks by checking for bad seams. Everything can be detailed with video recording, infrared imagery, and digital photography.

At ADCO Roofing, we are committed to surpassing our customer’s expectations. Our polished technicians will inspect the roof thoroughly before employing our advanced infrared technology. For example, we will do a thorough walkover before using our equipment. The walkover offers many safety advantages that cannot be ignored. They uncover rotting areas and many other safety hazards that pose a serious risk.

Visibility is important when it comes to inspecting a commercial roof. This is the main reason why inspections are conducted before it gets dark. This helps us focus on the housekeeping of the roof. From our experience, you are bound to see significant damage if you spot poor housekeeping.

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Perfect Time For Preventative Maintenance On Commercial Roofs

Preventative Maintenance On Commercial Roofs

The only way you can be sure that your roof is doing its job all year long is to schedule periodic inspections which will lead to proper maintenance and repair. A great time to pencil in the needed inspection and maintenance is during the fall months. The hottest months of the year are gone, and you may experience lots of rain coming your way in Los Angeles. The roof is ready to reveal any weaknesses, structural damage, or other issues that may impair its performance as we move into winter.

Timing Your Roof’s Inspections

The roofing industry suggests that commercial roofs be evaluated twice yearly, and fall fits into that schedule very well. Your commercial roof has taken a beating over the hot summer months. The sun’s UV rays, winds and debris from trees and structures on the roof have taken their toll.

Fall is the time to investigate whether routine maintenance will take care of the problem of if a more intensive set of repairs needs to be done. Taking the time to complete these steps rewards you with a well-functioning roof that will last for many more years.

Consult A Professional

Best practices and outcomes indicate that you need to have an inspection completed by a licensed roof contractor in Los Angeles. Although you could give your roof a once-over visually, roofing experts are trained to look for the signs that indicate a roof is damaged, aging, or failing because of improper work earlier in its lifespan. Be sure the roofing company you engage is familiar with commercial roofing issues, which can be very different from residential roof problems. ADCO Roofing in Los Angeles has extensive experience with commercial and industrial roofing systems.

What To Expect

  • Interior Evaluation

Do not be surprised if the contractor starts the inspection inside your building. The best indicator of a failing roof is often found within workspaces, storage areas, and other areas of your business. What the inspector looks for is any indication that water has found a way inside. He or she will scan carefully for staining of walls and ceilings, buckling of floors, mold growth anywhere, and any standing water or puddling.

  • Exterior Evaluation

Once the interior has been viewed the roofing contractor will spend time on the roof itself. The waterproof membranes will be inspected foot by foot, looking for any obvious penetrations or more subtle signs of water incursion, liked pooling or sagging spots. The inspector will check all seams, flashings, and fasteners, mechanical or adhesive, for missing parts, improper application, or wear and tear.

The edge of the roof can show its age faster than other areas, so the inspector will take time to view it all around the building, looking for any breaks, notches, wear, or other damage that could be letting water enter the building.

If penetrations or worn areas are found the inspector will determine whether they need repair or a more major tear-out and replacement procedure. The biggest concern in the fall is to get your commercial roof ready for the cold and rain that is just over the horizon. Your roof protects the building’s insulation, and any waterlogging of that material means the insulation cannot do its job. Your premises will be harder and more expensive to heat, and the comfort of your staff, clients, or customers will be affected adversely.

  • Repairs And Cleaning

Once the issues are identified, a reputable commercial roofing contractor will make the repairs and complete the maintenance necessary. You want this done before the rainy season so that all is set and ready to go to get you through the winter into spring. A quality roofing contractor will also be certain to clear all debris from the top of your roof, either from the repairs and maintenance, or just the normal deposits from trees and structures in the area.

You will not be disappointed in the results of a carefully planned commercial roof evaluation. The peace of mind you receive is worth the expense, and you definitely will avoid major costs down the road if you arrange for this to be done regularly.

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How To Prepare Your Roof For Solar Panels?

How To Prepare Your Roof For Solar Panels

A solar roof may seem to be the answer to so many of your concerns. Over time it will save on your energy bills. Investing in solar energy also identifies businesses as committed to green energy solutions, which may attract the kinds of customers you seek. Building owners who install in solar panels likewise want energy savings and a way to make a sustainable difference in the way the building is warmed, cooled, and provides power to the many appliances, lights, and other electrically operated items.

In order to install and use solar paneling technology, you must be certain your roof is up to the challenge. Here are the most important concerns you must resolve before equipping a commercial building with solar panels.

Ensure Your Current Roof Can Manage The Load

A solar panel system is a weighty affair, with each panel imposing at least 40 pounds of extra weight upon your roof. The panels also require mounting hardware. To provide the power you need to operate your business or keep your building lit, cooled, and heated, you will need dozens of solar panels to be put in place.

The added weight will be considerable, and you cannot risk the damage done to your building if the panels are too much for the structure. You also must be certain that the present roofing configuration can accept the type of installation parameters your choice of solar panels imposes. An evaluation of whether the installation may impede your roof’s other functions, namely to keep the interior of your property dry and comfortable, is also necessary.

A licensed roofing contractor familiar with the codes and conditions in your location must be engaged to inspect your roof. Any problems concerning the load or the ability of your roof to both support the panels and protect can be identified, and a plan developed to respond to the issues, are exactly what an experienced roofing firm can provide to you.

Follow The Post-Inspection Plan

After the roofing contractor has evaluated your roof, work with them to begin repairs and improvements necessary to make the solar installation work well. Do not even think of moving forward with the solar panel installation until all the issues presented are resolved. The investment you are considering when placing a photo voltaic array upon you roof is both expensive and long term. Once the panels are in place you should expect them to last at least 25 years. You want the roof beneath them to be in good repair and sturdy enough to last as long as the panels.

Resist any thoughts of putting off repairs or ignoring what seems to be superficial damage. All damage must be found, a fix determined, and the proper steps taken to complete the repairs. If upgrades were suggested they, too, must be in place before the solar panels are installed. Keep in mind that 25 years of use is a minimum for the lifespan of solar panels. Often they still operate well and may give many more years of use. You want the roof to be in the same category.

You do not want to deal with the cost of dismantling and reinstalling the panels. A sound roof will avoid this, and you should do all in your power to make that happen.

Here Comes The Sun

To work appropriately, your solar panels must not have any barriers because of roofing materials, building protuberances, or shade from nearby buildings or trees. Make sure to work with both the company that will install the panels as well as a reputable roofing contractor to scan all areas of the roof to see where structures or other barriers will shield your panels from the sunlight. If you work with a competent solar panel installation company it is highly likely they have seen these problems before and had strategies to work around anything that blocks the rays of the sun from the panels. Let them suggest which of these fixes may work for your roof.

If any reconfiguration of the roofing landscape will help, a good contractor may be able to adapt things to make them work better. Once the sunshine streams in unimpeded you can begin to enjoy the benefits of solar panel clean energy generation.

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7 Warning Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

7 Warning Signs That Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

Re-roofing your commercial building is an expensive proposition. Attending to needed maintenance and repair of the roofing on your business can prolong the time before you must make the decision to tear off and replace your roof. Pay attention to the signals your roof is sending you that indicate where repair is needed and how soon you must respond to avoid the much more intensive and costly full replacement.

Signs Of Interior Water Incursion

The number one indicator that your roof needs repair is evidence that water invades your premises. Obvious signs are leaks and seepage that drip and pull water into the property, leaving telltale puddles and minor to major flooding. More subtle messages you building sends include:

  • Elevated humidity
  • Stains on ceilings and walls
  • Increases in vermin — rodents and insects
  • Mold growth

When you experience these signs you must take steps to find out how the water flows inside. Quality repairs will restore the roof’s functioning.

Changes In Utility Bills

Roofing does not just prevent the elements from damaging the interior of a property. It also provides a number of other critical functions. It provides a covering for insulation and venting systems that keep the interior of the commercial building comfortable for humans and appropriate for whatever inventory or processing for which you use the premises. It also reflects the rays of the sun during the cooling season.

If energy bills climb, that is an indication your roof may have been compromised. Damage may be from weather related issues or because age, bird or animal activity, pressure from heavy items that are placed or have fallen onto the decking, and much more. Reflective coatings may have worn off and need to be reapplied and other repairs may permit your HVAC system to work more efficiently.

Deterioration Of Roof Support

Atop the roof look for dips, low spots, and areas where water pools up after rain. These areas may indicate that the underpinnings of your roof have sustained damage from rain, snow, hail, wind, or other events. Insulation may have become soaked and compacted or the joists and rafters holding up the roof may have broken or sagged. Replacement of the deteriorated structures will permit the the remainder of the roof to continue to do its job.

Bubbling Of The Roof Surface

When water moves beneath the protective membranes on top of your roof, the materials reveal this by bubbling where the moisture is or has been trapped. The location of the bubbles gives you a road map of where the water has been leaking, although you and anyone you engage to make repairs must be aware that water moves in a path of least resistance and may have invaded from another area and pooled where the bubble shows. These areas must be repaired to prevent further damage.

Gaps In Seaming

Roofs almost always require seams to connect the various waterproof materials that overlie your roof’s decking. The methods used to fasten down the waterproofing membranes range from metal screws, bolts, and clips to adhesives. Most roofs include both types of seaming, and you need to arrange for a careful review of every inch of the seaming may reveal failing areas where water now has a pathway inside your building.

Failed Flashings

Roofs use metal flashings, strips employed to protect the joints between the roof and other structures, including the very edges where the roofing materials connect to the top of the building. A complete inspection of the flashings may reveal missing, poorly attached, or deteriorated strips. Replacement and repair of these materials make a roof much more able to protect the areas and contents beneath it.

Blocked Gutter And Downspout Systems

If rain falls on your roofs, it must have an efficient way to drain off, and not inside the building. An evaluation of your draining configuration may indicate that the drains are not doing their job. Clogged drains allow water to pool up on the roof, and also force water under the materials that are intended to protect the building from moisture. Observe the drains and the surface of the roof during a hard rain to see if obstructed drains area problem.

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4 Signs Of Critical Issues On Your Commercial Roof

critical issues on your commercial roof


It is crucial to make certain your commercial roof stays in the best shape possible to avoid potentially expensive and time consuming repairs. To help you do this, watch out for the following four things. If you spot one or more of them, be sure that your commercial roof gets immediate attention.

1. A Leaking Roof

Leaking is one of the most obvious signs of a damaged roof. However, you may not notice a leak until it has already caused significant damage. This is why it is so important to schedule regular commercial roof inspections.

If the inspector identifies any areas that have the potential to cause a problem, keep a close eye on them. By being proactive, you could prevent water pooling and damage that can put a strain on your roof. You are also more likely to save yourself the cost of water cleanup and damage repairs.

Typically, roof leaks occur around the exterior edge of the roof or at the site of parapet walls where flashings have been installed to protect the edges of the roof membrane cover. If these flashings are installed incorrectly or become damaged or loose due to strong storms and winds, it can leave parts of the roof cover exposed, allowing water and moisture to seep into the roof and building.

Penetrations, such as those from pipes and drains, puncture the membrane of your commercial roof and are prone to leaks. All roof penetrations should be properly secured to protect your roof from water damage.

Additional examples of penetrations include gas lines, conduits, HVAC units, pipes, drains, hot stacks, and other object routed through the membrane. Be sure that every area of roof penetration is carefully observed by an inspector and that the area is kept water-tight using field wraps, rain collars, pitch pans, flashing, or pipe boots.

2. Pooling Water

Also referred to as ponding water, this is stagnant water that has been allowed to sit on a roof for more than two days. This is especially common in commercial roofs because they are often flat, allowing the water to pool and penetrate the roofing membrane.

Although flat roofs frequently have a bit of a slope, pitch, or tapered rigid insulation to prevent pooling, this isn’t a foolproof system. This can cause damage to all areas of the roofing system.

In addition, UV rays from the sun can heat up a bituminous roofing system, causing gaps to form in the membrane which clog drains. When performing a roof inspection, your inspector should look for drains that have become blocked.

3. Bad Roof Repairs

In some cases, your roof may become damaged due to using the incorrect or improperly installing roofing materials. Unfortunately, in this scenario, your entire commercial roof will likely need to be replaced. This is because patching and repairing “bad” spots simply won’t help your roof’s long term performance.

4. Subpar Workmanship

If you have hired a roofing company in the past who didn’t deliver the high quality results you deserve, it may quickly become obvious. It is not unusual for some roofing companies to compromise on material quality to lower their estimate and make it more attractive to the property owner.

While the owner may not spend as much in the beginning, roofing costs will quickly rise with each repair. It’s true that most roofing materials are under warranty, but they can easily be voided if subpar workmanship is identified.

Subpar workmanship may be the result of inexperienced workers or an attempt to cut costs. In some cases, it may be the result of using or installing the wrong materials.

For example, if fastening is not done correctly, shingles can blow off, leaving the roof’s membrane exposed to the elements. In other cases, the problem can be related to improper ventilation.

Even the highest quality roof installed by the best roofers in the business will need repairs at some point in its lifetime. Make certain your commercial roof is routinely inspected and maintained to identify any potential problems as soon as possible. Then, make arrangements to get them fixed immediately.

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Roofing Repairs

Most Important Commercial Sustainable Roof


Commercial establishments are increasingly going for sustainable roofing solutions in a bid to save on costs and follow the regulations of environmental bodies. While many parts of a property make up a green building, the roof is one of the important ones because it acts as a barrier between the building’s interior climate and the natural forces outside.

There are a few considerations which are crucial to make when you are going forward with sustainable roofing for your commercial building. It is a must you know about them.

Sustainable Commercial Roofing Considerations

You may need to redesign your entire roof or just make minor changes. Either way, you need to hire reliable roof contractors for the job because you cannot afford a single mistake. From HOA multi-family building roofing, industry roofing to commercial roofing, we can do it all.

Roof inspection

Worried about the rainstorm and its damage to the roof? You need to call reliable roofing inspectors, so they would carry out a thorough roof inspection. Sometimes, the visible signs of roof damage may not be much, a reason you would do good with a roof inspection every few years.

Roof maintenance and repair

Every roof needs repair time to time. It may be a single tile falling off or a part of the roof being damaged – if you spot anything wrong, it’s a good idea to call in the experts fast. It isn’t as costly as you think, and you may want to get it done sooner than later.

Roof replacement

Every building needs a new roof every 20 years or so. Old roof structures could be dangerous, and the right roof replacement experts can just make the process a lot easier.

The Top Considerations to Keep in Mind

1. Insulation Capacity

The roof is responsible for preventing the heat from seeping in your property. Generally roofs are measured through Energy Rating of ‘R’ value which denotes its resistance to heat. So naturally, a higher resistance means less heat coming in and more of air conditioning remaining in.

It saves you on utility bills, makes your building energy efficient and helps the environment in the end. Make sure you go for roofing solutions with higher ‘R’ values all the time!

2. Energy Efficiency

The choice of the roofing material determines the energy usage of your whole commercial building. When you go for energy efficient roofing material, choose something that will save energy and ultimately money. Different climatic areas require different types of roofing material to conserve energy.

For example, in hot regions just like Los Angeles would benefit from reflecting off the heat whereas in cold ones, something absorbing heat would be ideal. EPDM is a flexible material which can be used in both hot and cold climates. The black properties of the material are suited for cold regions and the white or reflective surface suits sunny areas.

3. Condensation Threat

Warm air rises up and contains water vapors with it. The same happens in your commercial building and the moist warm air comes in contact with the roof which is generally cooler. This leads to condensation which can damage the roof and its energy efficiency. Before getting a new roof or going for a repair, be sure to check for the condensation levels and atmospheric factors both inside and outside the property.

4. Lifespan of Roof

A long lifespan of your roof means lower costs and optimum performance of the roofing materials. But the roof is under constant threat from elements like sun, rain, hail, a storm and snow. You need to carry out regular maintenance of your roof to get the most out of it.

Don’t miss out on roofing repairs and don’t wait for it to get worse – you need to take action immediately, and these simple steps will help you get sustainable roofing the way you want it.

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Read This Before Hiring A Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roofing Contractor


Having a good relationship with a good commercial roofing contractor saves you the hassle of needing to find a last minute repair man when things go wrong. For your HOA, multi-family building roofing or industrial, commercial roofing needs you need to find the expert who is reliable, responsible and can complete your project within the promised time and budget. Be in installing a new roof or something to fix, you have to just find that expert, but how?

Commercial roofing contractors, popularly known as a roofer, is someone who can help you with heavy-duty roof construction. There are specialized mechanics who must also have carpentry skills to be really good at his job. They work relentlessly for long duration to change your roof following all instructions.

If you are looking for roofing and installation done right, they are the ones to go to.

Why do you need Roofing Contractors?

Roofs are expensive set-ups, and extremely important because the whole structure might crumble if they do. This is why roof contractors are so important- be it anywhere.

How Do You Find the Right Roofing Contractors?

You need to hire the right roofing contractors – ones who know their job.  If you’ve chosen the right roofing contractor, you’ve nothing to worry about. All trainees begin by doing simple roof repair jobs, and slowly progress to the more advanced jobs slowly. To know all types of roofing, it takes quite a lot of experience. The quality and efficiency of a contractor are never compromised.

It can be a bit difficult to find a reliable commercial roofing contractor, but with our little help you can have it easy.

What should you Ask your Commercial Roofing Contractor?

To determine the credibility of the contractor and get in-depth knowledge about your roofing project, you should ask the following questions.

It is essential for facility managers that they know all the aspects of the contracting.

  1. Does the Contractor have a proper License?

To work professionally your contractor must have a valid license or bond. You can ask them for proof if you need it to determine their qualifications.

  1. Do they have the required Experience?

Sure you are going to look out for long years of working in the industry which will guarantee some credibility and quality of their work. But also check to determine if they are experienced in the specific roofing needs that your business might have.

  1. What needs to be done with my Roof?

When you have a commercial roofing contractor working for you, ask them the specific problems that your roof faces. Inquire what they intend to do to fix it and what process they are going to follow. Knowing the details will help you determine the cost yourself and remain up to date with your roof status.

  1. How Long can it take to Complete the Job?

When you are running a commercial property, the last thing you want to do is make your building inaccessible to business. If your contractor has too much of workload, it is natural that they are going to take up more time to complete the project. So you need a reliable roofing contractor with less work, or someone with a big team. So ask them how long it would take and how many members they have on the team for you.

  1. What will be the cost of the Project?

When asking about the cost, remember that low cost does not guarantee quality. To offer things at cheap price, the contractor is either going to use low standard materials and work standard. Obviously you don’t want the roof falling down on your head!

Ask as many questions as you need to before hiring your commercial roofing contractor. These questions will help you choose a roofing contractor guy you need, and will help you get your project done the way you want, without any worries.

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How Do Green Roofs Create Value?



Discover all the positive effects a green roof can have for energy costs, ecology, community and well-being. Read on to find out about the convenience of vegetation blankets, for rapid installation of a full-coverage green roof requiring negligible maintenance.

A Natural Air and Water Purifier

Your green roof will contribute to purifying and de-polluting the air, producing oxygen out of carbon dioxide and filtering particulates. It purifies rainwater too, and facilitates evaporation from the plants.

The plants and the substrate and drainage layers around them also provide a rainwater buffer. This has benefits for the local groundwater and sewage systems, delaying rainwater discharge and reducing the load and risk of flooding after heavy rainfall.

Cooling Effect

The plants on a green roof reduce the ambient temperature. They absorb one half of the sunlight that reaches them, and reflect another 30%. That makes a pleasantly cool climate, reducing temperature in the building’s immediate neighborhood.

Inside, the building’s cool air systems have less work to do, reducing energy bills and extending the life of your air conditioning. And if you use solar panels already, or take the opportunity to install them with your green roof, you’ll find the cooler roof surface provides conditions for the panels to operate more efficiently. Energy is channeled into your power supply instead of being lost as heat, and your energy costs are further reduced.

A Roof Saver

Upgrading to a green roof won’t just preserve your aircon. It could triple the lifetime of the roof itself. Protected from the strongest sun, rain, temperature extremes and wind the weather can throw at it, a roof structure can be good for 60 years. In maintenance costs alone, a green roof can recoup your investment in as little as 8 years.

Quieter, More Pleasant Environment

A green roof will act as a sound barrier, absorbing external noise with particular appeal in urban areas. It makes for a quieter environment outside as well as within the building. It’s a more relaxing space that promotes well-being. Greenery offers a positive environment that encourages people to unwind and reduce their stress level, whether it’s at the end of the working day or for convalescent patients. People can tolerate pain a little more in a healing, green environment and require a shorter stay at the hospital.

Plants, herbs and grasses in a green roof encourage biodiversity. It provides a habitat for birds, butterflies and other insects and will attract more life than any gray, concrete and glass building.

Brings People Together, Reduces Vandalism

Everyone living in a green environment has a higher perception of their space and quality of daily life. They’ll naturally work together to maintain it. An environment people take pride in has positive social effects: more interaction and cohesion in the community. Greener areas are proven to suffer less violence, aggression and vandalism.

Vegetation Blankets Save Time And Maintenance

Direct-green mats pre-cultivated with greenery are delivered with 90% coverage, way quicker and easier to install than establishing a green roof with individual plug plants. An attractive green roof can be realized in a very short time.

Vegetation blankets bring great benefits going forward too. They make a solid top layer for the green roof that resists erosion, protecting substrate from blowing away in a storm. The nearly-full coverage means weeds struggle to get established, and very little effort and cost is required for maintenance.

Adding Value to the Building

A building with a green roof gains an attractive appearance with much more appeal than grey, man-made structures. Its strong, sustainable image adds value, as do the reduced energy and maintenance bills.

A green roof brings much more than just visual appeal to your property. It’s a sound economic investment which brings multiple savings in energy costs, maintenance and repair costs. You and other residents will benefit from clearer, cooler air, reduced noise and better climate proofing. And a green roof gives back to the local area, encouraging biodiversity and doing its bit to regulate the wastewater supply and ambient temperature.


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