Roofing replacement and large maintenance projects can be costly, but they are important. Boards need to avoid as many complications as possible because of this. There are common mistakes that boards make and knowing what these are can help you to take care of these projects more efficiently.

  • Soliciting Bids Without Specifications – This creates bids that cannot be compared which leads to poor decision making. A specification can be as small as one page, but it must be complete and detailed for large projects. Larger projects are typically prepared by an architect or roofing consultant. The job specifications should not be prepared until after the final product selection is made.
  • Signing Contracts Without Consulting Legal Counsel – This mistake is usually made in an attempt to save money. All major contracts must have at the very least a thorough review by legal counsel, and when possible be signed in the presence of one.
  • Deciding on the Project Manager – Community managers are well-trained in the duties of association management, but they have no formal training in construction management projects.
  • Giving Large Deposits – Many associations mistakenly believe they need to give contractors deposits for materials. All successful contractors have credit accounts with their suppliers and if a bidder cannot fund their payroll until the first payment, the association should reconsider doing business with that company.
  • Paying Percentage of Completion Instead of Measurable Work – Measuring the amount of progress in percentage is difficult for everyone involved. It is better to pay only for pre-agreed benchmarks of construction completed and materials that are confirmed for use on-site. You should only be paying for measurable work.
  • Failure to Start Planning in Advance – There are many reasons this can happen. Early and efficient planning can help to limit or eliminate emergency assessments, disruption to daily lives and unnecessary costs. Planning ahead for a major roofing project is best done years in advance to help avoid these problems.
  • Accepting Lowest Bid Too Early – Associations try to save time by just selecting the lowest bid. This mistake is made based on a belief that contractors are all the same and bids are all the same too. Lower bids are likely missing important costs that will cause increases in the final cost. You need to meet with contractors to accurately evaluate the strengths of the companies and their experience.
  • Believing that City Inspectors Ensure Proper Work – City inspectors make sufficient job-in-progress visits to verify the work is done per code or manufacturer’s specs.
  • Making Final Payment Without Closeout Documents – Closeout documents include permit, warranty, and lien releases.


These need to be demanded and a final payment withheld until they are in your hands. Knowing the common mistakes that are made when it comes to roof bidding can help you avoid them and ensure a more efficient process when it comes to getting your roof projects taken care of.

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