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Despite the weather being mostly sunny in Southern California, there can always be an occasional storm. Harsh winds, rain or even hail can damage a roof, especially one that is weakened or improperly maintained. To get the most out of your commercial roofing and to protect your investment, be sure to check for damage after any storm. This is especially important in areas where the weather is sunny most of the year. Those occasional weather changes can bring expensive roofing damage if you are not ready.

Assessing Weather Damage to Your Commercial Roofing

Identifying any damage after a storm of any kind is important and needs to be done sooner rather than later. Finding and repairing the problems immediately prevents any damage from getting worse and prevents more expensive damage and repairs down the road. Weather changes of any kind can weaken your commercial roofing, so regular inspection is necessary to ensure it stays in top shape. Winds can damage roofing by ripping materials, damaging systems, and displacing roofing components. In addition to this, the wind can pick up other objects and throw them against your roof, causing damage. Even if the winds do not seem harsh, it is a good idea to give your roof an inspection to be sure nothing was moved or damaged. Not doing this could result in damage that is left unrepaired. And this will be costly for you later on.

It is also a good idea to check with your insurance policy as to what weather damage is covered. In most cases, insurance companies will cover severe weather damage so long as the condition of the roof is well maintained. Many claims get denied because the damage is attributed to “wear and tear” rather than the weather itself. Be sure to keep up with regular roofing maintenance to protect your roof and any potential claims you may need. Implementing a routine maintenance and inspection schedule for your roof will provide longevity for your roof and save you money. Be sure to inspect all surfaces and clean gutters. Repair weakened or damaged flashing and any holes as soon as you see them before the damage gets worse and more expensive. Small repairs that are ignored will turn into bigger problems and leave you with a weakened roof.

Taking care of your commercial roof all year round is the best way to prevent weather damage. Be sure to inspect your roof after any weather changes and fix any damage you may find. When regular roofing maintenance is your priority, damage and the weather will be the least of your concerns.

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