Welcome to April! Here is what’s new at ADCO Roofing and Waterproofing and in the commercial and industrial roofing world this month:

New and Noteworthy at ADCO A BIG congratulations to our team at ADCO for receiving the 2023 Quantum Industry Award,  presented to us by Polyglass Roofing and Waterproofing System! The Quantum status rewards top contractors for superior performance as a contractor in installing Polyglass on low slope roof systems, and recognizes the best of the best for their commitment to excellence in the roofing and waterproofing industry and beyond. Here’s to another year of pursuing excellence, and another notch in our belt for industry awards! Contact Us for a Free Inspection Commercial Roofing Insight Corner Industry resource Roofing Contractor recently released the latest and greatest in roofing news for 2023. Here are the biggest trends the industry experts are expecting this year: Cost-effective solar shingles are on the rise! Keep an eye out for an increase in these sustainable (and economic!) solutions in the future.Curious about color trends for roofs in 2023? The look is gravitating towards “sleek and modern” with black and gray shingles being overwhelmingly popular (a shift away from traditional browns of the past.)Metal roofing is on the rise! Due to its extremely waterproof nature, those who live in areas with extreme weather (like cold, wet Colorado winters) are leaning towards this more water-resistant alternative.An increased need for solar panel installers is to be expected in 2023! Research shows there will not only be a need for skilled workers to install new panels but also for those who know how to replace older panels.With a myriad of changes on the horizon, one thing’s for certain: the trend toward modern sustainability will create a profound impact on the industry in 2023! On the Blog Does getting a solar project started to sound like a monumental undertaking?  While getting the ball rolling may seem like a daunting task, solar energy is affordable and can save you money as energy costs for your home or commercial building will be reduced. On the most recent ADCO blog, we discuss the seven things to consider before embarking on your solar project. Read the blog post here. |

ADCO’s Weather Watch Rainy days on your mind? You’re not the only one! With an unprecedented amount of rain in some of the dryer regions of the United States, prepping for precipitation seems to be a major priority this year! If you are considering how to plan for the future amid unforeseen weather events, ADCO is here to help. From waterproofing, to repair and maintenance, our team is ready to support you in your roofing needs whether rain (or shine!) is in your predicted forecast.  We are proud to offer a variety of services to keep your properties safe, dry, and prepared for whatever weather lies ahead. We Want to Hear from YOU! Yes, you. Do you have a burning question about roofing or waterproofing that you would like an industry professional’s opinion on? Thoughts or comments on the current state of industrial-grade roofing? Reach out! We prioritize connecting on a deeper level with our clients and learning how we can better serve you and the community as a whole.

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