Air Conditioners Rooftop vs Side Yard Units

Not all air conditioning units are the same. They may all remove hot air from inside your building and return cooler air to the inside but there are important differences when it comes to style and benefits. You typically have two main styles to choose from, either rooftop units or side yard units. Depending on the benefits and comfort you are looking for, one system may be better suited to your needs than another.

Air Conditioners: Rooftop vs. Side Yard Units

Rooftop Units

These are typically centralized cooling systems where side yard units are typically split systems. The rooftop unit will be secured to your roof and via a series of ducts, will keep the inside of the building cool. There are a number of benefits to getting a rooftop unit. Air naturally cycles through the building easier because hot air rises while cool air descends. This natural movement of air makes these styles more energy efficient. They do not need to work as hard to circulate the air because natural air movement is doing most of the work. Rooftop units are all-inclusive which means they have components placed both inside and outside the building. This makes repair and maintenance much easier because everything is in one single location. Rooftop units were originally thought to be bulky so newer designs and models have been developed and are much smaller and often invisible from the ground.

Side Yard Units

Despite the benefits that rooftop units offer; there are good reasons to get side yard units too. Ground units offer more diversity and customization as you can choose from a number of styles, powers, and sizes, so you can find exactly what fits. Many consumers find it a big advantage to be able to find a unit that matches their exact needs. Newer side yard units are quieter than previously louder ones and the smaller and quieter styles are not as bulky. Newer designs have been described as visually appealing which is giving them more attention than older, less attractive styles. These newer models are barely detectable even when located right next to window which is giving side A/C units a more positive reputation then they once held. You get more options with side yard units when it comes to repairs and replacements. Since you get both inside fans and an outside unit, you can easily replace one without having to replace the entire system so overall replacement costs end up being lower.

There are advantages to both rooftop and side yard air conditioning units and the choice you make will depend on your needs, budget, and the space you have available for placement. Both systems will keep you cool during warmer months, so call us today and we can help you find the best fit for your air conditioning needs.

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