Water can come into contact with electrical wires through the roof. If the rain water is not diverted off the roof, it will seep into the house through the walls and ceilings. Although most wiring is protected by insulation or junction boxes, neither of these provides a good defense. Insulation clumps if it gets wet, and water can seep around the hinges of a junction box. If water makes contact with a live electrical wire it can spark and ignite materials around it. Electrical fires are especially dangerous because they can be difficult to put out. If an electrical fire breaks out in your home, your instinct will most likely be to use water to put out the fire. However, this is likely to result in you getting shocked and the fire getting even worse.In addition to the fire risk, a leaking roof coupled with exposed electrical wiring raises the chance of electrical shock. Even a small leak can send water into fuse boxes where it may go undetected until you, the unsuspecting homeowner touch a wet fuse and get a shocked. If your roof is leaking, call us to repair it. We will also check for any water damage that has already occurred or for trapped moisture that might still be in your home.

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