Do you need to go up on your commercial roof find out whether you need repairs? You could, but you may not have to go to the trouble.

If you learn to recognize indications of a roofing problem, you can detect potential trouble spots. Identifying roofing issues early can keep a small problem from growing to the point where extensive roof repairs or replacement becomes necessary.

Visible Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

Walk the perimeter of your building and look at the edge flashing along the roofline. Do you see any gaps or areas that appear to be loose or bent? Damaged flashing can provide rain to seep under the roof membrane, which can cause damage and lead to leaks.

Now take a few steps back for a better view. Unless your building has a flat roof, you should be able to see some of the roofing surfaces from the ground — especially if you use binoculars.

Look for dips or sags. These can be signs of trouble, as they may indicate that standing water has compressed the insulation. Blistering and bubbling, a sign that water vapor is trapped between layers of the roofing materials, may also indicate a problem.

In either case, if moisture continues to penetrate your roof, this can rot and weaken the decking and result in leaks.

Signs of Water Damage on a Commercial Roof

Interior leaks are obvious indicators that you have roofing damage. However, roof-related water problems aren’t always obvious, especially in the early stages of a problem.

You may not see obvious indications of a leak if the water runs down the inside of a wall or drips into an out-of-the-way location. Sometimes, however, you might be able to detect other symptoms of water damage.

Mold growth, high humidity and corrosion of electrical or HVAC components in the ceilings can indicate water damage. And new stains on ceiling tiles or walls generally mean you have a leak somewhere.

A blocked roof drainage system will generally lead to a problem with your roof. So the next time it rains or snows, take a look to make sure water is draining freely from the roof.

Energy Costs Can Indicate the Need for Commercial Roof Repair

Have your heating or cooling costs recently spiked for no apparent reason? If the bigger bills aren’t related to increased utility rates or extra energy consumption, they could be related to a roof problem.

If water has entered and saturated the building’s insulation, thermal efficiency will decline. When that happens, the facility will require more energy to heat and cool the building. Consequently, utility costs increase.

Even though your building may be telling you that the roof is damaged, the only way to know for sure is by having a professional inspection done. At ADCO we have extensive experience with commercial roof repairs and replacements.

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