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What Should Your Roofing Estimate Tell You?


Roofing estimates should follow a universal format containing the same pieces of information but this is rarely the case. Estimates vary according to materials used, customer demands, and the roofing contractor. You should expect estimates to come in different forms that sometimes lack certain details, and this can prevent you

Seasonal Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

The weather can be unpredictable at times and severe weather changes, be it extreme heat or winter storms, can damage your commercial roofing. To avoid expensive repairs or replacement, you should stay proactive about caring for your roof which means regular maintenance and inspections. There are several tips to help

6 Ways To Cool a Flat Roof

As efficient as flat roofing can be, they have one major drawback. Flat roofing is more prone to trapping heat, which makes your building warmer than you would like and your energy costs high. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions you can use to keep your flat roof cool